What Are the Disadvantages of Boxing?

As with any sport, boxing มวยสดออนไลน์ has its advantages and disadvantages. Boxers train to protect the upper body against an attack, but they are not as trained to defend the lower body. The limitations of the sport, including the fact that boxers are unable to jump from the ground, make it an inadequate choice for self-defense. Therefore, boxers should carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of this sport before participating.

It’s a brutal sport

During a match, a boxer can endure 700 punches. These punches can cause serious injuries. The head is a common target and can cause fractured bones and brain damage. Other injuries include broken hands and ribs. Face injuries are also common, including deep cuts, broken noses and orbital bones. Hands also suffer from the many punches delivered during a boxing match, including broken fingers, hand fractures, and wrist sprains.

Boxing’s brutality has caused controversy and has drawn criticism in recent years. Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight world champion, has weighed in on the debate and has provided insight into why boxing is such a brutal sport. Throughout the past few months, Tyson has appeared in headlines, welcomed high-profile guests on his podcast, and received a great deal of criticism.

A boxer’s stance is crucial. He must be able to land clean punches on his opponent’s head and torso to earn points. Referees watch the fights to ensure a fair fight. Boxers are separated by a belt worn over their torso. If a boxer repeatedly lands low blows below the belt, he is disqualified. The referees also separate the opponents and break the fight apart if they feel the situation calls for it. Moreover, a boxer may get a penalty for holding their opponent. Referees can also stop a bout when one boxer has suffered significant injuries, dominated his opponent, or the score is drastically out of proportion.

It’s expensive

While boxing is a highly popular sport and is usually considered an affordable sport, it can be surprisingly expensive. Participants generally only need a good pair of shorts and a good pair of gloves. The sport has seen its price tag rise over the years, however, as sponsorships have increased. A recent video by American You Tuber Jake Paul showed a pair of boxing shorts that cost over USD1.2 million. These shorts feature an elastic band that helps the fighters perform their footwork.

Despite the high price tag of boxing ดูมวยออนไลน์, it’s also worth it for fitness and self-defense reasons. There are a number of other cheaper ways to learn to box, as well. For example, pay-per-class fees can be very inexpensive. Gloves and other equipment can cost as little as $20. Ultimately, whether you choose to learn boxing is a personal choice and depends on what you hope to achieve from it.

Another reason boxing is expensive is that boxing is an extremely dangerous sport. Boxing events often involve violence, so medical personnel must be present at each event to ensure that everyone is safe.

It can lead to brain damage

According to recent research, boxing can cause damage to the brain. The repeated blows to the head can result in tiny hemorrhages in the brain, which may eventually lead to lesions or scarring. The repetitive trauma also disrupts the brain’s chemistry and triggers an immune response, which can damage the central nervous system. Early symptoms of brain damage include slurred speech. Other symptoms of brain damage include impaired motor and cognitive abilities. For example, severe damage to the can lead to Parkinson’s, while diffuse damage to the frontal lobe can cause behavioral deficits.

In addition, a study found that about 90% of boxers suffered concussions during their boxing career. A concussion is caused when the brain is forced against the side of the skull, bruising it. Although concussions are often dismissed as minor headaches, they can have serious long-term effects. Many doctors will advise boxers to avoid screens for a week after a concussion.

It encourages violence outside the ring

The use of physical capital is an important aspect of boxing as a way of deterring violence outside the ring. It can also serve as a way to make sense of violence inside the prize ring. I draw on data from Jump 2020 and ideas from Tyrone to explore this possibility.

Domestic violence is a widespread social issue that affects far too many people on a daily basis. It is inexcusable and must be addressed by raising awareness about the problem, educating individuals, and providing them with assistance. The boxing industry must do more to address this endemic problem.


Although many argue that boxing encourages violence, the evidence shows that it does not. In fact, studies have found that boxers commit less violence than the general population. However, because this violence is often underreported, this evidence is inconclusive. In addition, boxing lifers maintain that the sport drills out violent impulses in adolescents and helps them learn how to control these impulses.

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