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A guide to creating a team in Madden 23

The Madden series has been a fan favorite for years, and one of the most fun parts of the game is the ability to create teams or players, design scenarios, and customize different aspects of the game to suit your playstyle. In this guide, MMOexp will take a look at how to create teams in Madden 23. The same goes for waiting until Madden 24 releases the action!

Madden 23 does not have a full-blown “create a team” feature like other editions of the game, but there is still a fun workaround to add a new team to the league in the form of relocation teams in Franchise Mode. Relocation teams are a set of pre-included fictional team names, logos, and uniforms available to you in Madden’s Franchise Mode. You can access these new teams by relocating your team to a new city and changing the name as you make that move.

League settings

Before you relocate your franchise, you need to ensure that your league settings allow you to do so. You can access these settings when setting up your franchise or when it is already underway. To access the settings when setting up your franchise, create the new franchise and select the roster you will be using and the team you will be playing as. Once you have done that, select your role to be “owner” as that is the only role that can relocate a team. You may find relocation easier if you select the “Financial Mogul” archetype, as that will begin you with $300 Million to make the relocation process easier.

Scroll down to the bottom and select “League Settings.” Under the “Commissioner Settings” category, scroll down to “Relocation Settings” and toggle the option to “Everyone (Can Relocate).” Choosing this option ensures that you can relocate at any time you wish.

If you would like to access the league settings for a franchise already in progress, you need to use R1 and L1 (or RB and LB) to toggle over to the rightmost tab of “Options” on the Franchise Mode main menu. From there, select the top option of “Franchise Settings” before selecting “League Settings.” From there, once again, scroll down and toggle the “Relocation Settings” to “Everyone (Can Relocate).”

Relocating your team

Once you have sorted out the settings to allow you to do so, it’s time to relocate your team. The full process of relocating your team takes one full year in Franchise Mode, so it’s best if you begin that process in Week 1 of the preseason, although it’s not necessary.

To begin your relocation, select “Manage Team” from the “Home” tab of the Franchise Mode main menu. From there, select the top option of “Stadium.” You will see a screen that gives you a breakdown of the various facilities and offerings of your current stadium, fan sentiment of your current stadium, as well as the options to upgrade, rebuild, or relocate your stadium. For the purposes of today’s article, we’ll only be interested in the bottom option of “Relocate.”

Once you have confirmed that you would like to relocate, you will be given a pop-up confirming your decision and letting you know to keep your eye on your activity list.

After you have made the decision to relocate, your next step in the process won’t come until Week 5 of the regular season. Once you have reached Week 5, the option of “Start Relocation” will appear at the top of your activity list in the Home tab.

To get started, navigate to the “Team” tab in the main menu and select the “Stadium” option. From there, choose the “Relocate” option to begin the process.

Selecting this option will bring up a list of available cities for your team to relocate to. The cities available to you will depend on your current team’s location and the league you’re playing in. In Madden NFL 23, you’ll have the option to relocate to one of the following cities: London, Mexico City, Toronto, San Antonio, Orlando, Salt Lake City, Brooklyn, Memphis, Chicago, Sacramento, Columbus, Portland, Austin, Dublin, Houston, Oklahoma City, St. Louis, San Diego, and Oakland.

Each city comes with a brief description of its market size and personality type, which can help you make an informed decision about where to relocate. It’s worth noting that St. Louis and Oakland are not available for team name and logo changes, so if you’re looking to rebrand your team, you should avoid these cities.

Once you’ve chosen a city, you’ll need to wait until Week 6 of the regular season to choose your team’s new name and logo. To do this, select the “Choose Name” option from your activity list on the Home tab.

You’ll be able to cycle through your current team’s name and logo as well as the new options available for your chosen city. Additionally, you’ll be able to see fan interest ratings for each name and logo option, which can help you make a decision.

In Week 7, you’ll have the opportunity to select your team’s new uniform. To do this, select the “Choose Uniform” option from your activity list. You’ll be presented with three uniform options and fan interest ratings for each.

Finally, in Week 8, you’ll be able to choose your team’s new stadium. Select the “Choose Stadium” option from your activity list to begin. You’ll be presented with an aerial view of each potential stadium, along with information about each stadium’s cost, capacity, and other attributes.

Overall, the process of relocating your team in Madden NFL 23 is a straightforward and enjoyable experience. Whether you’re looking for a fresh start or just want to try something new, relocating your team can be a great way to mix things up and keep the game fresh. So go ahead and give it a try – who knows, you might just discover your new favorite team!

Choosing the “Financial Mogul” archetype for your new owner can be especially helpful during this step, as none of the stadium options will have a significant impact on your budget.

Once you’ve selected your team’s new stadium, you’ll have successfully completed the relocation process and earned a trophy for your efforts. When the new season begins, your team will have fully moved to their new city and will be sporting a new name, logo, uniform, and stadium.

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