France finds a new midfield leader in Tchouameni during the World Cup

Tchouameni scores a goal against England in the FIFA World Cup 2022 Quarterfinals, becoming an asset for the team as both a striker and a midfielder.

After Pogba and Kante sustained consecutive injuries, Deschamps was forced to reorganize the entirety of his midfield. France is aware that it takes a lot to win the FIFA World Cup twice in a row. It was a risky decision, but a reconfiguration at a critical moment was unavoidable. Upon entering the starting lineup, Tchouameni transformed not just the team’s fate but also his professional future.

France is one of the favorites to win the international tournament that concludes on December 18, 2022. Tchouameni was able to enter the field as a result of Pogba and Kante being disqualified.

The fact that he managed to beat Pickford with a successful shot in the 17th minute demonstrated how important his presence was to Deschamps. France believed it could advance to the semifinals. Kane and his side were brought up to par as Tchouameni balanced his positive play with a penalty. Giroud scored the second goal in the 78th minute to secure France’s place in the semifinal round.

The fact that the opener was registered under Tchouameni’s name was an overall positive development. He is emerging as a midfield leader solely because others in the stretch have faith in him.

The skills of Tchouameni make him a potential candidate to play multiple roles on the team. This gives others a chance to stay relaxed on the field. Rabiot says that Tchouameni takes care of several aspects, including covering players, winning the ball back, and plugging the gaps.

Rabiot and Griezmann form the remaining midfield team for France. Deschamps is gearing up for the Semi-Finals against Morocco on December 15, 2022, at 12:30 a.m. IST at Al Bayt Stadium, Qatar.

Tchouameni was an avid supporter of the team after France won the 2018 World Cup. He may achieve the same for his side in this season’s competition by maintaining momentum in the forthcoming matches.

In 2018, he made his professional debut with Bordeaux. He then joined Monaco for twenty million Euros. Fofana, another member of Deschamps’s team, was present and continues to hold a position on the national team. According to Fofana, Tchouameni runs a lot to relieve the workload of other midfielders. Fofana further stated that Tchouameni performs admirably in the shadows.

To reach the FIFA World Cup Final, France must win one more match. The 2-1 victory over England at Al Bayt Stadium advanced them to the following round of the tournament. At Al Thumama Stadium, Morocco stunned everyone by defeating Portugal 1-0. Cristiano Ronaldo was then seen leaving the pitch in tears as his dream was dashed.

Regragui may be confident, but he has a significant amount of work to do to defeat the defending champions of Deschamps. Tchouameni’s desire to demonstrate his value once more brings Mbappe closer to the Golden Boot.

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