Dupattas That Will Help You Stay Stylish In The Winter 

Winters are here, and so is Shaadi season!” 

This article is a complete guide for how to style your dupattas this winter or better say this wedding season. And look completely stylish and stunning.

Indian outfits are approvingly versatile, and they can be worn in numerous ways. A dupatta is a must-have accessory, especially with lehengas and suits. One cannot skip a dupatta.

The dupatta is the heart of any Indian wear and it has no age barriers, from a baby girl to an old lady, everyone wears a dupatta. 

Nowadays, when everyone has become a little more creative and innovative about things, they have taken styling dupattas to the next level. Dupattas aren’t only ethnic wear these days. It can be styled in many ways and can be worn with western and indo-western outfits as well. Also their is a very wide range of dupatta online 

5 must-have dupattas: 

1. Phulkari 

It is a classic dupatta from Punjab, which consists of detailed needlework in diverse designs, particularly geometric shapes. The embroidery is normally accomplished using flossing silk thread into the cotton fabric, although now it’s also done on chanderi, silk, and other fabrics.

2. Banarasi silk dupatta 

A banarasi dupatta is originally woven with pure gold intermixed with silk or Banaras silk. It 

is a cultural heritage and ancestry heirloom in India.

However, banarasi silk is most popularly purchased in a sari form,banarasi dupattas are the best alternatives to get that desi girl vibe.

3. Kalamkari dupatta 

Kalamkari is an unusual textile art form that emanated in the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states of India. It is often painted or block painted. Historically, the Kalamkari was known as ‘Pattachitra’, directly restating it into ‘Cloth-pictures’.            

4. Georgette dupatta 

Sally, crinkly in consistency, and organically and independently breathable, Georgette is favorite amongst Indian women.

It gives an unusual decent vibe, which is perfect for fun evening events.

While georgette is incredible for needlework and prints, a simple solid-colored dupatta in this fabric flatters fully embroidered ensembles beautifully.

5. Ikat dupatta 

Ikat is resistant to the dyeing technique where the yarns are resist-dyed and then woven into stunning patterns. The unevenness of the flanks is key to the fabric. As a woven material, these are reversible and look rigorously the same from each side. 

3 ways to carry your dupatta like a diva!

1. Just drape it around 

You can simply drape your dupatta and it will look sleek, simple, and royal.

2. Half-pleated pallus

Half-pleated pallus are one of the most comfortable and effortlessly incredible ways to style your dupatta. You just have to pleat the dupatta on one side of the shoulder and leave the outstretched part hanging in the front. You can let your dupatta sag from the other shoulder with no pleats.

3. The Waist Belt Drape 

This style is a modern and contemporary style that goes excellently with an Indo-western look. Cotton and georgette dupattas are appropriate for this style. All you need to do is,  put the dupatta on one shoulder and keep the front length a little below the waist. Now tie an elegant belt around the waist with the front of the dupatta pleated inside it. Now seize the other end from behind and tuck it on the further side of the belt.

Now you know how much worth a dupatta is! It gives charm with a touch of glitz to your look without requiring much effort. This article is your sign to add as many dupattas as you can to your wardrobe. 

You can buy dupattas offline as well as online. Many online stores are giving offers on first purchases and bulk purchases.  

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