Why Providing Detailed Job Role Information to Your Recruitment Agency Yields Significant Returns

Recruitment agencies are being sought after to find and position candidates who are a good fit. The key to achieving this lies in adopting a strategy that prioritises providing a comprehensive outline of the job requirements. This approach is crucial in distinguishing agencies as your recruitment partners and enabling companies to reach their full potential. If your company is in London and needs new advertising employees, consider the advertising recruitment agencies London. By providing a brief time frame for briefing your recruitment agency, you can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your hiring efforts in a way that cannot be accurately quantified.

A briefing offers a different type of information compared to what is included in a role description

Role descriptions come in different levels of quality, ranging from brief and straightforward bullet points to detailed three-page descriptions that provide insights into the company culture, required attitudes, and specific job responsibilities. Many of them, however, may lack the information that candidates frequently inquire about.
    • Which projects can I expect to be involved in during the initial half-year period?
    • What is the extent to which the role allows for flexibility in terms of the number of days spent at the office and the hours worked? This question is especially important for working parents who rely on childcare arrangements and need them to accommodate their work schedules.
    • Explanation:
    • Audience: The paraphrased text is suitable for a knowledgeable audience who are familiar with workplace dynamics and the importance of flexibility.
Here are a few illustrations, and numerous others could be included in the compilation. During a meeting with a Hiring Manager, we are able to address any queries that we expect prospective candidates to have. This meeting also provides valuable information about the Hiring Manager’s personality, level of energy, main goals, business targets, and position within the larger organisational structure – aspects that are typically not included in job descriptions. After a thorough discussion, we can extract the essential requirements from the job description and determine areas where flexibility is possible. We have a solid understanding of the company’s culture and values, which puts us in a favourable position to seek out the most suitable candidates in the market. Your staffing firm could potentially be the first impression your prospective top candidate has of your company. We aim to showcase your business and your role in the most favourable way, ensuring a highly professional presentation of all the important information and subtle aspects. Unless you have achieved significant recognition, it is likely that certain applicants are unfamiliar with your brand, and even if they are aware of it, they might not be familiar with your company’s values as an employer. If we have had a conversation and have all the necessary information, we will be able to effectively advocate for you. You will gain an advantage from our ability to understand, be well-informed, and show a genuine interest in your business, as the candidate will initially learn about you through us.

A briefing makes candidates feel valued

If we can provide candidates with informative answers to their questions, they can make prompt decisions about whether the position is suitable for them. Furthermore, if we effectively communicate our employee-centric policies in a clear and positive manner, they are likely to be impressed and drawn to our business. The true determining factor in this matter is the ability to address uniquely tailored questions. These aspects may be non-negotiable for applicants, but they are seldom elaborated on in typical job descriptions.
    • Is it possible for me to depart earlier on Mondays and Tuesdays since I am responsible for picking up my children during those times?
    • Can you enlighten me about the dress expectations? I’m not a fan of suits, so I’m curious if there are any specific dress codes.
    • Is it possible to maintain my current schedule of working from home for 2 days a week in relation to this opportunity?
    • Is there a Talent Leadership program available for high-performing individuals within this organisation, as I am currently enrolled in one?
    • Would I miss out on my bonus payment that is scheduled for 3 months from now if I decide to relocate at this moment? Can the client provide a signing-on bonus to offset this potential loss?
The candidate can feel assured when they receive thorough responses to these inquiries, as it demonstrates that the agency is familiar with their client and highlights the positive nature of the screening process. Briefly, this presents an initial chance for us to create a positive perception of your company.

A briefing strengthens the working relationship between an agency and a client

Maintaining open lines of verbal communication throughout the recruitment process can lead to additional advantages.
    • We have the ability to provide our insights on the compensation packages being offered in the market, ensuring that our clients remain competitive.
    • We can provide guidance on prominent locations for the specific skill set in demand, enabling clients to strategically utilise their office spaces.
    • We are able to share information about additional technologies and/or approaches utilised by competitors, which could provide insights into how they aim to enhance their own systems. This knowledge can be valuable for prospective candidates interested in the field.
These are only a handful of instances that demonstrate the benefits of investing time into briefing your agency, and additional ones may surface depending on the specific position being hired for.

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