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Why is addiction getting common among Youngsters?

Addiction is quickly becoming a major problem for the country as the number of addicts is rising each year. More and more people are getting bogged down in drug abuse and are dearly paying the price as drug abuse destroys their lives. A survey found that the number of addicts in the country has increased past the 20 million mark and the number is expected to increase. The covid pandemic and the lockdown that followed its outbreak are also being labeled as one of the probable causes for the jump that is being projected. Most people were forced to stay inside their homes as a deadly pandemic raged outside and the entire world scrambled to find a cure. The amount of stress that this generated is understandable and so is the sorry fact that a large number of people decided that to cope with this burden they need external support such as drugs. Many people started to abuse any form of drug that was readily available. The most common drugs that saw a rise in addicts were alcohol and prescription drugs. Alcohol has become a household item nowadays and was expected to be here but the inclusion of prescription drugs means that a large number of people with mental illnesses are abusing their prescribed drugs. Overall the age group that consists of most addicts is the 18 to 25-year-olds with about 40 percent of the population in this age group being addicted to drugs. This is a very distressing thought since this is the age group that is expected to lead this nation in the future. These people are expected to bear the burden of running this country but instead in a few years as their addiction takes hold over them they will become a burden on the country as the nation has to support them.

The fact that our youngsters are being dragged into the world of drug addiction is a serious cause for concern and there are several reasons behind this recent rise in addiction numbers.

Most of the youngsters that start abusing drugs are enrolled in different colleges and universities across the country. These places of education have recently also become a hotbed of drug peddling. This is especially the case for institutes where dorms and hostels are present on campus. The sorority culture is also a huge force behind this rise as new pledges often follow their seniors on whatever they are doing and sometimes that includes drinking. In truth, peer pressure is oftentimes the reason people try drugs, especially substances like alcohol and marijuana. Freshmen come into these institutions and for the first time for most of them they are free from any authority figure and are their own but they are still quite naive. So in an attempt to fit in they often end up falling for traps such as drug abuse. Even criminal organizations are aware of this and are often keen to use students to act as cutouts to sell drugs on campus to other students.

Another major reason why students are more prone to drug abuse is the fact that they have started to rely on drugs to get them through the stress and crunch of their studies. The sheer amount of work students have to do in one semester is considerable and therefore it is understandable that they use drugs to get through them.

So if you or someone you know is struggling with addiction then get in contact with a rehab center. Rehab therapy is the best way of getting rid of addiction and returning to society as a functioning member of society. Lookup seven arrows recovery to get more information or book yourself a session to return to sober living.

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