Why do people relapse?

There are many reasons why people relapse. Relapse is something that happens to drug addicts that are trying to set themselves free from the addiction that has been hurting their life from every single direction. It is not such an easy task to get rid of drugs, but the thing is that drugs can be taken care of with the help of a rehab facility. A rehab facility is specifically made of professional counselors and therapists. It is something that has a lot of rehab treatment programs such as the inpatient treatment program and the outpatient treatment program. All of these programs along with the therapies such as group therapy, individual therapy, all of them are available but that is not to say that people who do get rehab treatment won’t be able to relapse from time to time—even they relapse and even there is a possibility of the relapse going so bad that it can take away a person’s life.

As mentioned above there are many reasons why relapse happens, all of these reasons can be solved as well by getting treatment from Adult & Teen Challenge, everything has a reason and a starting point just like how drug addiction starts from a certain point. People usually get into drugs because of a traumatic event that happens in their life and it leads them to get pleasures that are fleeting and small, but also destructive. People that are severely stressed tend to go far and wide for comfort and many find comfort in illegal drugs such as cocaine, LSD, heroin, and even nicotine that we can see every day in our lives. Not only this, there are other ways that this numbing factor takes place via alcohol. People get addicted to beer, champagne, and wines etc. which takes them on a path where there are even more deep inside the addiction hole where it becomes incredibly hard for them to get out.

Relapse is everything here, the lesser chances of relapse there are, the more chance of the patient recovering from drug addiction. That is a fact. Here are a few reasons why relapse happens.

Withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms are the reasons why relapse happens. When a person is taken into an Adult & Teen Challenge USA rehab facility and a rehab program is given to them, they are able to get treatment due to detoxification. When the patient is detoxed, they are going to experience withdrawal symptoms, when the withdrawal symptoms are not catered to properly, then relapse can happen.

Mental issues.

Mental issues are one of the reasons why the relapse can happen. When someone is facing drug addiction, they are probably addicted to drugs because of their mental illness. But, detoxifying the addiction won’t tale away the mental illness away. As long as the mental illness is not solved, the patient will find ways to relapse again and again. This is something that has to be solved or else addiction won’t go anywhere.


People can play a huge role in making the drug addiction come back. Even for people that have already finished their rehab treatment. Meeting people after the treatment is done and doing drugs because of the people that you meet do drugs can increase the chances of relapse to occur.

Therefore, if you are someone who does not want the relapse to occur due to the above reasons. If you take care of the above reasons, there can be slim chances of relapse. In order to do that, you should get in touch with Adult & Teen Challenge USA to recover properly and live your life you deserve to live.

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