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Top 4 Reasons People Visit an Emergency Dentist

Everyone experiences emergencies from time to time. They can be traumatic and costly, often requiring the services of a specialized professional. When calamities impact your oral health, they can leave you searching for an ‘emergency dentist near me’ on your phone as you follow directions. Chances are that your family dentist will not be able to see you after hours for an emergency, leaving you to find the appropriate care for a potential dental catastrophe.

Searching for an ‘emergency dentist near me’ has its advantages. Emergency dentists understand that oral catastrophes aren’t restricted to business hours so many offer 24 hour service. They will often offer after-hour and weekend appointments to accommodate patients who need immediate treatment. An emergency dentist typically has state of the art equipment to help diagnose and treat dental emergencies quickly and effectively. Here are the top 4 reasons people typically visit an emergency dentist.

1. Lost Tooth

One of the most common dental emergencies is lost teeth. When healthy teeth are accidentally knocked out of the socket it can be extremely painful. If the tooth is cared for properly and an emergency dentist can see the patient immediately, the tooth can sometimes be saved. Teeth can be knocked out playing contact sports, in automobile accidents, or in slip and fall accidents. Wearing a seat belt in the car and using a mouth guard during contact sports can help reduce the chances of this type of injury. Unfortunately, not all accidents can be avoided.

  1. Chipped Tooth

A chipped or cracked tooth will often send people to see an emergency dentist. While the injury may not look terrible, it can feel agonizing. Even healthy teeth can weaken over time due to lost enamel, poor care, or just the long-term effects of aging. Not every cracked or chipped tooth is cause for emergency, but they certainly can be. Simply biting down on something hard can be enough to chip or break a tooth and leave nerves exposed causing extreme pain.

  1. Broken Tooth

There are many instances which can cause a broken tooth and leave patients searching for an ‘emergency dentist near me.’ Teeth can break near the top at the crown or down near the gumline, depending on the nature of the accident. Broken teeth are often very painful because they can be the result of long-term decay and tend to leave nerves exposed. Even just slight changes in temperature can cause intense pain in unprotected nerves.

  1. Unbearable Pain

Poor oral hygiene or teeth growing in crooked can cause unbearable pain. There are also lots of other instances that can lead to terrible tooth pain. Abscesses, impacted teeth, and even unintentional teeth grinding while sleep can lead to intense pain which must be immediately addressed. Sometimes the aching and throbbing starts suddenly and increases over time. Many times, an infection will require antibiotics before the main issue can even be addressed.

Find an Emergency Dentist Near Me Today

Abscesses, impacted teeth, and night grinding can also lead to a dental emergency with pain that comes on suddenly. It always helps to identify an emergency dentist near me before you need to visit them, so you aren’t left searching during an emergency. Find the best emergency dentist near me today and establish yourself as a patient to save time when you need them.

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