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How Side Hustles Have Become Increasingly Popular

In recent years, side hustles have become an on-trend method of earning a little extra money alongside a main source of income. 

Whether you’re looking to work part-time at the local pub or start up your own business, side hustles are a great way to try out different career paths, without having to fully commit.

No more 9-5

Gen-Z has been pushing the rise of side hustles to try to steer away from working a standard 9-5 job. Flexible and remote working arrangements have become increasingly popular since Covid-19, and these factors are now non-negotiables for the majority of young jobseekers. 

And, with the cost of living crisis forcing people to find secondary sources of income, the need for a side hustle has started to come from a place of desperation, rather than passion. 

Freedom to choose anything

To start a side hustle, you must have some level of passion and interest in what you choose. You can choose almost anything, from creating artistic jewellery with resin from RS, to drop shipping with your very own online business.

Your side hustle needs a purpose and should give you a reason to carry on when you’ve had a tiring day working. That’s why it’s crucial to enjoy it, and you may even be able to leave your day-to-day job if your passion makes you enough money to pay the bills.

Improves quality of life

Side hustles can act as a project, injecting a little bit of excitement and reward back into your life. If you’re tired of the mundane tasks that come with your 9-5, a side hustle can give you something to work towards, helping to improve your mood and your overall quality of life.

Fill your spare time productively

A successful side hustle relies heavily on your spare time. If you’re serious about starting a passion project, you may have to sacrifice some weekends to use your time productively. 

If you find that you barely have any time or you feel burnt out, taking on a side hustle might end up causing you more stress than it’s worth. Plan your schedule and work out how much spare time you have to dedicate toward the side hustle. 

However, remember that it’s vital to have enough spare time to yourself so you can switch off and relax when you need to.

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