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The Origin of the Asian Game Pai Gow and its Rules

The origins of Pai Gow date back to 960 to 1279 in the Song Dynasty. During that time, players were grouped into two – the front hand and the back hand. Each hand would have a stack of four tiles. To win the game, the player had to defeat both hands. Modern Pai Gow does not require a stack of tiles. Instead, players arrange cards into both hands in a way that they will rank higher beyond both dealers’ hands.

You can play Pai Gow online for free

Pai Gow is a game of strategy played mostly in land-based casinos today. The game is available in an online casino with real money, although most online casinos offer a free demo account. It provides you with a chance to practice the game before you begin to play against a real dealer. The game is available in most casino apps that you can download from your phone and play.

The rules of Pai Gow

Modern Pai Gow is classified as a poker game, and some of its rules are borrowed from classic poker. It is believed that the game evolved from poker, although it arrived in America in the 1980s. By that time, Americans were already experiencing great success in poker, and it took longer to embrace Pai Gow. The rules of the game are simple.

The player begins by placing their bet before they receive any cards in their hand. The player makes two hands where he holds 5 cards in one hand and 2 cards in the other. The dealer holds the same number of cards in his hands, and the game begins. If, for instance, your hand holding 5 cards beats the dealer’s hand holding 5 cards, you are the winner. At some point during the game, the player may receive a bonus based on whether they will achieve a premium hand. If the premium hand is good, the player is paid more.

The double poker game

There are several reasons why Asians love gambling, and one of them is the joy of winning. Pai Gow is popular in Asia because its roots can be traced there. The rule where both the player and the dealer hold equal cards in their hands often makes Pai Gow to be called a double-hand poker game.

A push is achieved if it is just one of your hands that wins. If your two hands lose, you forfeit your bet. Since the dealer works harder to win, Pai Gow records a lot of pushes. A push means your stake is still valid, and you can play another game without staking again. It is a low-risk game that promotes socialization. 

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