The Dangers of an Office Space for a Child: What Parents Need to Know

When you’re working from home, it can be easy to forget that your child is just a few feet away in the next room. You may be focused on your work and not realize that your baby is climbing up on the desk or pulling out all of your pens and paper. It’s important to baby proof your office space so that your child is safe while you’re working. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the dangers of an office space for a child and give you tips on how to baby proof it!

Make The Investment

The first thing you should do is invest in a baby proofing kit. This will include outlet protectors, adjustable safety straps for furniture, and most likely corner cushions to prevent sharp edges from hurting your baby.

Outlet protectors are meant to cover any and all unused electrical outlets you have around your home. It will come in handy to use this item not only in your office space but throughout your whole home.

Adjustable safety straps on the other hand are more versatile and can help you do more. They can help you lock cabinets but they can also be used in more creative ways. If you have a rising desk you can raise your desk above the height of the chair and tuck the chair under the desk. Then with great use of the safety strap, you can strap the top of the chair to the desk. Now the chair is locked in under the desk and your child cannot pull it out.

Corner cushions are great! They help alleviate your responsibility of looking out for sharp edges. That is once you install them of course. They will only be installed around the baby’s height and reach so no need to protect sharp ceilings.

Tidy Setups Are Best

Buying child proofing products is great but if you have too many items on the desk that your baby can grab and play with, it can be quite dangerous. Try to keep everything tidy and organized as much as possible. Cable management is king. If the cables are out of sight for your baby then they are also out of mind. Buying matching cables similar to the color of their background will help children not even pay attention to such items. If you can route cables behind furniture and strap against the wall or piece of furniture then you have the highest chance that your baby cannot find it, pull it, and or mess it up.

It’s also a good idea to set up designated areas for baby playtime in your office space. Creating a cubicle with your baby’s toy computer doesn’t hurt and your baby will feel really productive. Even though you’re at work, don’t give more importance to your job than your baby. Sounds weird to say but truthfully your baby is top priority so make sure you check in as much as you can, have your designated play time, nap time, and eating time.

Did We Learn Something?

Lastly, baby proofing your office space may seem like an extra task and a lot of work but the benefits are worth the effort! It will give you peace of mind knowing that your baby is safe while you’re working or taking care of business in your home office

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