How to Host the Perfect Holiday Party?

While many things go with hosting a holiday party, it is possible to make it easy and host a party that is compatible with the season’s spirit and will not get you out of control or overwhelms you. Therefore, allowing yourself enough time to plan and take note of every detail that will make your holiday party a great event is advisable.

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Early planning is also necessary to ensure that last-minute preparations are manageable. Of course, there is more to a holiday party than just decorating your home or preparing food and drinks. For instance, you may need mocktails such as non alcoholic bitters for guests who might not be fans of alcohol.  Below are important tips on how to host a perfect holiday party.

Have Mocktails On the Menu

Non-alcoholic bitters are a great choice for your friends and loved ones who do not take alcoholic drinks and should not feel excluded from the party.  There are several drink recipes when it comes to non alcoholic bitters. The amaretto sour is one of the most popular nonalcoholic drinks and is truly satisfying.

Other nonalcoholic bitter drinks include the cherry balsamic Manhattan, mezcal negroni, Kentucky buck, passionfruit martin, agave margarita, cucumber vesper, summer shandy, Southside, and many other mocktails.

Choose A Theme for Your Party

Whether it is a song, a color, or a seasonal fruit, choosing a single theme and sticking to it creates cohesion throughout your holiday party. For instance, you may choose non alcoholic bitters such as the cherry balsamic Manhattan drink as your common thread. However, it doesn’t have to be too matching.

Stick to A Timeline

It is important to incorporate some kind of plan for your party, even if you don’t love to follow schedules. Planning helps your party run seamlessly and ensures that your guests are well served from when they arrive to when they desert.

Even though we can’t plan for the unexpected, when you have planned your party and stick to your schedule, you will always feel calmer and only need a few minutes to tackle any interruptions.

Don’t Forget the Music

Even if you haven’t hired a DJ for your holiday party, don’t forget about music; you can simply play holiday-themed music for your event. There are several music apps that you can use to play the right playlist. The melodies and background combined with drinks like non alcoholic bitters enhance the festive mood.

Send Early Invites

If you send early invitations to your guests, they will have enough time to plan and are more likely to attend your holiday party. The early invitation is particularly important during busy holiday seasons or to parents who have kids and probably have to book a babysitter for that day.


You can host a perfect holiday party by having mocktails such as non alcoholic bitters on the menu, also, choose a theme for your party and stick to a timeline. Also, even if you haven’t hired a DJ for your party, don’t forget to play holiday-themed music and send early invites to your guests.

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