The amazing Bellerive Oval

is a country where many sports are very popular. Fans can visit at any moment in order to place their wagers on all of them. Some of these disciplines that Australians love include:

  • Australian football;
  • rugby;
  • and of course, cricket.

This has led to the construction of multiple sports venues that are capable of receiving matches of all these disciplines. One of the best examples is the Bellerive Oval, which is also known as the Blundstone Arena.

The facility is located in Hobart, which is a city on the island of Tasmania. With a capacity for approximately 20 thousand spectators, the venue is the second largest sports facility in this part of Australia. The 1xBet website features a multitude of sports events, and many of them are played on the excellent Bellerive Oval.

History of the stadium

In Tasmania, as well as in the rest of Australia, many sports have been played for more than a hundred years. This is especially the case with rugby and cricket. The first cricket match played in the area where the venue is currently located dates back to 1884. Right now, fans can try betting on cricket from 1xBet on all these events that take place in Australia.

Finally, it was decided to build a stadium in the area where the Bellerive Oval is currently located. The construction finished in 1913.

While other facilities in the country had huge renovations and expansion projects during the mid 20th century, things didn’t change too much on Bellerive. The first major modification to the facility came only in the 1980s. This allowed the Bellerive Oval to start hosting major cricket competitions. Currently, from 1xBet fans can try betting on cricket played everywhere around Australia.

Important events and other relevant information

During the 1980s the Bellerive Oval gained approval to start hosting cricket Test matches and One-Day Internationals. Owners of iPhone and iPad devices can get the app 1xBet for iOS, which allows its users to start betting on all these important cricket matches.

One of the first major events that was played in this facility was a One-Day International between Australia and England. The contest took place on the 14th of January 2003. Here the Australians won by seven runs in total.

In subsequent years, the Bellerive Oval would also start receiving some important international Test matches. The 1xBet app for iOS can be used to wager on those matches from iPad and iPhone gadgets.

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