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The 5 Most Popular Types of Charts and Their Uses

Charts can be used in several different ways to help businesses be more successful. By tracking key performance indicators, businesses can identify areas where they need to make changes to improve their bottom line. Charts can also be used to track customer behavior to better understand what customers want and need. This information can be used to create marketing plans and to improve customer service. Charts can also be used to make better business decisions, by visualizing data in a way that is easy to understand.

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There are many different types of charts, but some are more popular than others. The five most popular types of charts include treemap charts, bar charts, pie charts, line charts, and scatter charts. Learn more about each below.

1. Treemap Charts

Treemap charts are used to visualize hierarchical data, which is data that is arranged in a tree-like structure. The data can be divided into categories, and the categories can be further divided into subcategories. This type of data is common in organizational charts, product catalogs, and other types of information that are organized hierarchically.

If you’re asking when to use a treemap chart, they are especially useful for comparing values. For example, you could use a treemap chart to compare the sales figures for different products in a product catalog. The size of each shape in the chart would represent the total sales for the product, and you could easily see which products are selling the best and which ones are selling the worst.

2. Bar Charts

The bar chart is used to compare quantities or rates between two or more categories. It is most commonly used to display data in a graphical format. The bar chart is effective in displaying comparisons because the height of the bar is proportional to the value it represents.

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Bar charts are a great way to compare and contrast data. You can use them to compare items or totals for different time periods or to compare data between two or more groups. They are also an easy way to see changes in data over time.

3. Pie Chart

The pie chart is one of the most commonly used types of charts and is used to display data as a percentage of the whole. The pie chart is divided into slices, and each slice represents a percentage of the whole. This type of chart is useful for comparing parts of a whole and for illustrating how a change in one part of a whole affects the whole.

Pie charts are a great way to help your business by displaying the percentage of certain categories. This can help you with budgeting, forecasting, and other decision making. You can also use pie charts to compare data between different time periods or groups. This can help you to identify trends and make better business decisions.

4. Line Chart

Line charts are used to show changes over time. They are created by drawing lines between data points, and the width of each line is proportional to the value that it represents. Line charts are best used when you want to see how a data point changes over time.

Line charts are a great way to track the progress of your business over time. They can help you to see how your business is doing compared to previous years and can help you to spot trends and make predictions about the future.

5. Scatter Chart

Scatter plots are used to show the relationship between two data points. They are created by drawing points on a graph, and the size and color of each point are proportional to the value that it represents. Scatter plots are best used when you want to see how two data points are related.

There are a few ways that scatter charts can benefit your business. First, scatter charts can help you visualize how two different variables are related to each other. This can be help you understand how different factors influence your business. Additionally, scatter charts can help you identify patterns in your data. This information can help you make better business decisions. Finally, scatter charts can help you compare data between different time periods. This can help you understand how your business is changing over time.

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