Know All About Solar Panels: Its Types & Advantages

Solar is the fastest-growing renewable energy source today. Solar panels convert sunlight containing energy particles into a form of electricity that can be used to effectively power electrical devices go to Smart Junk Removal PDX. These panels have gained huge popularity in today’s time, wherein almost everyone is looking to invest in solar panels to contribute to a sustainable environment.

So, are you also planning to get one installed for residential or commercial purposes? If yes, then before getting a solar set up that suits your needs best, it is important to know about the different types of solar panels available and the respective advantages. Scroll down below to learn the details.

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Types of Solar Panels

Solar panels are of two types: Polycrystalline solar panels and Mono PERC half-cut solar panels.  Each of these types has its own advantages.

Polycrystalline Solar Panels

Polycrystalline solar panels, also known as multicrystalline panels, are technologically advanced solar panels that have been gaining huge popularity in today’s time. These are made with fragments of silicon crystals that are melted together and then cut into wafers to make the final product. The surface of these panels is square and has a bluish tone.

Advantages of Polycrystalline solar panels

  • These solar panels are more eco-friendly as compared to the other types
  • Polycrystalline solar panels are cost-effective because of the simple manufacturing process
  • During the production of these panels, the amount of silicon used is less
  • These panels have high-temperature coefficients
  • Polycrystalline solar panels are best for roof arrays
  • The structural framework for these panels is less complex
  • These panels can be used with batteries and inverter technology
  • The amount of water used in this polycrystalline panel is less because of the way in which the silicon panels are applied.

Mono PERC Half-Cut Solar Panel

The Mono PERC half-cut solar panel is made with solar cells that are cut in half. These cells help improve the solar module performance and durability by reducing resistive losses. The half-cut solar panels are more about it efficient as compared to the traditional panels. In terms of performance, the half-cut cells can increase the efficiency of a solar panel by a few percentage points. Additionally, since the half-cut cells are smaller in size, they are more durable and resistant to cracks.

Advantages of Mono PERC Half Cut Solar Panel

  • By cutting the solar cells in half, the current generated from each of the cells is halved, which leads to lower restrictive losses as electricity moves through the cells and wires in the solar panel
  • Half-cut cells are more resistant to the effect of shade as compared to traditional panels
  • Half-cut solar cells help reduce the current per substring, which ultimately helps reduce the temperature of hotspots.

The best type of solar panels must be decided upon based on your usage and the area where you want to install them. For residential properties with large spaces, it is advisable to go for polycrystalline solar panels, as these panels are affordable and will provide enough efficiency and power. On the other hand, for the reduction of electricity related losses, you can choose to go for mono PERC half-cut solar panels. This panel helps increase the resistance of the module against partial shading.

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