Best Free Business Name Generators to Find the Best Brand Names

Did you know that 72% of the best brand names come from a combination of words or acronyms? Even so, many entrepreneurs still struggle with choosing a brand name when starting a business.

It would be best if you made several considerations when choosing your business name. For instance, you must confirm the availability of the domain name for your business.

You should also consider how possible it is to brand the name you choose. Fortunately, you can use a free business name generator to help you find a company branding name online.

Read on to learn the best free business name generators to find the best brand names.


This is among the best names for software company to use to generate unique business name ideas. Besides, Shopify provides you with business names that have available domains.

This makes it easier for you to launch your online presence. Also, you can create your Shopify account and start your first Shopify store after choosing your brand name.

Using the platform’s practical e-commerce features, you can launch your first online business ASAP!

Anadea Business Name Generator

This is another free business name generator that simplifies your process of finding a brand name. Enter a relevant keyword that relates to your company’s core business and click on the “Generate names” icon.

The search will display pages with an array of unique business names for you. You can select your brand name from the available options and register its domain.

Anadea is capable of generating successful business names that have available domain registrations.


With WebHostingGeeks, you can enter the keywords that best explain your business operation. Besides, this free business name generator allows you to specify your domain type.

This can be a .com or .net domain. You can also choose where your keywords should appear in the domain brand name. Your keywords can appear at the start, middle, or end of your domain.

After answering these questions, the generator will develop a list of suitable business name ideas for you. This free business name generator shows domain and Twitter account availability for every business name idea.

Name Snack

This is a popular and easy-to-use free business name generator. Name Snack uses artificial intelligence to search your selected industry. This helps in generating distinctive company branding names.

You also see if your preferred domain is available for the business names you choose. Above all, Name Snack lets you design a basic business logo for your business app or website.

Free Business Name Generator

Your business name is an essential part of your company branding. Your brand name must represent a concept that resonates with your target audience and can be associated with your products and services.

You shouldn’t worry about creating unique business name ideas for your business anymore. You can create brand names with a free business name generator to make your business stand out.

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