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How to Win Football Betting in Week 17

If you want to win football betting dafabet, you have to be smart. Week 17 is a unique time in the NFL season, with teams arriving in the week in different states of mind. You should avoid betting on favorites whose defenses are weak. It is also important to know the odds better than the bookies.

Week 17 is a unique time of the NFL season

With injuries to star players and underrated secondary players, Week 17 is a unique time of the season to make football betting picks. This week’s games will feature high scoring contests that are worth watching for. For instance, the Chiefs/Broncos game is expected to have high scoring action. The Chiefs have QB Patrick Mahomes, while the Broncos are led by WR Cortland Sutton.

While statistics are helpful when handicapping games, NFL betting odds have produced some very odd results. For example, in seven of the past nine weeks, double-digit underdogs have won. However, by closely analyzing teams’ past results and trends, it’s possible to handicap games in this unique time of the season.

Teams arrive in week 17 in different states of mind

Week 17 in the NFL season is a unique time to place bets. Most teams are battling for playoff seeding, while others are just out to win. There are even some teams that are playing for postseason seeding, but are not in the playoff picture. Despite these circumstances, this time of year is a great opportunity to profit from football betting.

Take a look at each team’s injury report and evaluate their current condition before placing a bet. Injuries can affect the team’s performance in certain situations, especially when they are facing an underdog. However, there are some injuries that can impact any team, including the ones in the defensive and offensive line positions. Injuries can also impact special teams players.

Avoid betting favorites with bad defenses

If you’re interested in winning football betting, you should avoid betting favorites with bad defenses. Statistically, the top-scoring teams cover the spread about half the time, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the defense is firing on all cylinders. Sharp bettors take the time to look at the context behind the numbers. After all, football is a team sport and small changes can throw off an entire unit. It’s important to find out if certain players missed practice or are injured.

Know the odds better than the bookies

One of the best ways to win at football betting ฝากเงิน dafabet (dafabet deposit) is to know the odds better than the bookies. In order to do this, you need to study the odds offered by different bookmakers and look for odds that are better than the average. For example, 5 to 1 odds will usually give you better returns than the average of 2 to 1 odds. Moreover, you should study historical data to determine the optimal distance from the mean odds, which will guarantee you a positive payout in most of the games.

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