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Beekeepers and Manuka Honey

You’ve probably heard a lot about BeeNZ, the premium exporter of NZ Manuka Honey. But did you know that it is also a beekeeper? And how does BeeNZ extract and process its honey? Let’s find out. You’ll be able to enjoy a range of health benefits from slacknews its manuka honey. And you’ll be able to see just how unique this product is.

BeeNZ is a premium NZ honey exporter

In 2016, BeeNZ shipped the first shipment of New Zealand Manuka honey to China. Today, they export to more than thirteen countries, including China. They were named one of the Fast 50 by Deloitte and won the Best Emerging Business factival Award at the Export NZ Bay of Plenty Business Awards. The company’s owners, David and Julie Hayes, believe that beekeeping is an art form, and their honey is no exception. BeeNZ is a full-service company, managing the whole process from hive to bottle.

BeeNZ is a beekeeper

New Zealand Manuka Honey has an excellent reputation, but is it really worth paying more for? The answer is yes. Manuka honey is a rare natural resource, and its high UMF (unique manuka molecules) content makes it even more valuable. To ensure the seatgurunews quality of Manuka honey, it must be harvested sustainably and from partnerships with beekeepers and indigenous Maori communities.

BeeNZ extracts

For centuries, Manuka Honey has been used for healing wounds and other problems. But today, researchers are reevaluating the health benefits of this magical honey. Its medicinal properties include antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, imetapressnews antioxidant activity, and antidiabetic effects. Unlike other types of honey, Manuka Honey contains an active ingredient called methylglyoxal, which has several therapeutic benefits.

BeeNZ processes

The manuka flower is an exotic flower native to New Zealand that attracts the attention of honey bees and humans alike. This incredibly fragrant and healing honey has antibacterial and antifungal properties, making it a great choice for use in health and beauty products. In fact, manuka honey is so effective that it has even been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. beenz produces almost all of the world’s manuka honey, which is why its price is so high.

BeeNZ packs

Using the honey in hot water is a great way to soothe a sore throat and fight bacteria. The UMF10+ rating means that the honey contains a higher percentage of bioactive compounds, including Methylglyoxal (MGO) and Leptosperin. These qualities make BeeNZ honey the perfect remedy for colds and flu. Each pack contains eight six-gram lozenges. The honey is naturally lemon-flavored and contains no refined sugar.

Manuka honey is rich in vitamins

BeeNZ Manuka Honey is a superfood, packed with vitamins and minerals that promote overall health. The nutritional content of manuka honey is savetoby unmatched in the world. Unlike ordinary honey, this substance contains B vitamins, amino acids, and minerals, including calcium, phosphorous, sodium, zinc, and selenium. It is also considered to be beneficial for immune systems, improves the health of gums, and speeds up wound healing.

BeeNZ packaging

The BeeNZ Manuka Honey packaging was designed to showcase the luxury nature of the product. The company worked with a design studio to create a custom-made bottle that would not only present the Manuka honey but also a metal spoon and passport booklet. The packaging aims to appeal to both local and international consumers and showcases the ingredients of Mother Nature. The company was also awarded the Pride in Print Gold Medal for its work.

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