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How to operate an Electric Floor Scraper?

The electric scraper is used to remove the residual concrete slab and the thick layer of concrete in construction sites, and it can be used for cleaning the construction site. It’s easy to use, with a simple structure and low cost. When using an Electric Floor Scraper, it is essential to take proper precautions to ensure safety.

What to consider before using an Electric Floor Scraper?

It should be noted that: 

  • Before the operation, check whether the power supply of the machine is consistent with the power supply voltage; 
  • Before inserting the floor, check if the switch is off and correct wiring; 
  • When operating an electric scraper, press its button before using it; 
  • After using an electric scraper, clean up oil stains on its blade pad immediately so as not to affect its regular operation to prevent splashes from oil dripping onto clothes during the use of this product. 

Check the power supply.

Before the operation, check the power supply of the machine. If you are consistent, you can start it. The voltage of a single-phase three-wire system a is 380V/50Hz; that of a single-phase four-wire system is a 220V/60Hz; that of a three-phase four-wire system is a 380V/50Hz or 440V/60Hz; that of three-phase five-wire system (including common neutral) is 400V / 60Hz or 415 V / 50 Hz, etc.

Check the switch and the wire.

Before inserting the floor:

  • Check if the switch is off and the wire is correct and correct.
  • Check whether there is the voltage at both ends of the wire.
  • If you need help finding a voltage, check your power supply voltage.

If you have found that there isn’t a problem with your wiring or power supply and still need to get voltage from them, check whether your wires are broken or damaged by checking with another device that uses electricity.

Switch on the scrapper.

After pressing down the hand wheel, the Electric Floor Scraper should be switched on. The control handle is called a hand wheel, and it controls the movement of the machine. The hand wheel is located on the left side of your electric scraper. 

It should be pressed down to turn on your machine, or if you need to change directions while using it, release pressure from your foot pedal and move forward or backward as required before re-pressing down onto the pedal again.

Insert the tooling into the machine

It is crucial to insert the tooling into the machine first. The blade shall not protrude from the blade pad when inserted. To help you remember this, remember to wear safety glasses! A severe injury may occur if you do not have them on.

In some cases, if there is a loss of power at any point during use, severe damage could occur to both yourself and your equipment, so always ensure that everything is switched on before starting work.

Press on the switch for the operation to avoid damage to hands and feet.

You must press the switch for operation only when it is necessary to do so. This will avoid damage to your hands and feet and injury to others. Injuries can occur due to improper use of a floor scraper. The person in charge of operating an electric scraper should be trained in using these machines appropriately.


In conclusion, this machine is a very convenient tool for cleaning the floor. You can work quickly and conveniently with it. It can also be used in other places such as warehouses, factories, etc. With this machine, you can save a lot of time!

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