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There is a world of hidden dangers and secrets in this world of ours. From criminal dealings to mind control experiments, there are some things we should all be aware of Fou Movies. So, what if you’re the last person on Earth who needs to know about them? Well, here’s your chance. Get ready to disappear from sight as you have never been happier than when you are finally able to live a normal life free from surveillance, rumoured encounters and guilty pleasures. Read on for more information about the most beautiful and scary cities in the world and their best options for hiding from prying eyes. Wrong destinations: The Most Beautiful and Scariest Cities in the World Checked By Millionaires & Power Players in the World Apt at least one thing: Is it really necessary to list every city on earth on your bucket list? Especially if you think that having a bucket list was a good idea in the first place? It might seem unnecessary but it’s worth looking into when planning your life journey. And yes, there are actually so many beautiful and scary cities out there that it would be difficult (but not impossible) to check off everything! Here is our list with their best options for hiding from public scrutiny and keeping things private:


Paris is definitely one of the most beautiful and scary cities in the world. Yes, we love our city and its history, art, architecture and style but this city is allIncreases in the presence of humans and their surveillance has become a problem in the city. Paris is a great example of how a city can lose its charm and charmfulness when neglected by the authorities. There is not a lot of history left in Paris and its vicinity but the constant surveillance and being watched by the authorities has made the place seem more like a total yin in the yang (earth)yu (human)omi (solitary, dark). Paris is also home to the ColisOpérette, the celebrated art gallery. It is enough to make us want to stay and see the show once again!

New York

New York has many aspects that make it a great city to check off the list. It is definitely not only famous for its art and architecture but also for its wild parties and enormous crowds. It is also home to the Statue of Liberty which is one of the most recognizable images of the world. There is much to do in New York but if you are planning a getaway from home, it is recommendable to visit the Museum of the Moving Image, the birthplace of American cinema, as well as the Museum of Natural History. The Museum of the Moving Image is an excellent source of information about early American photography that is over 200 years old. The Museum of Natural History is a fantastic place to visit if you are interested in the history of man and his environment. Both of these places are very close to one another and the whole city makes a great wall drawing.


Tokyo is a big party city with almost limitless options for hiding from prying eyes. It is also one of the top destinations for Japanese Hibooz tourists because of its rich cultural and natural history. There is a lot to see and do in Tokyo but if you are looking for a safe, quiet place to stay, recommend the Hotel Trump. The hotel is fully automated and has a great view of the city skyline. Tokyo also has several nightlife options and if you are looking for something different, you can always visit the Ghibli Museum, the largest museum dedicated to the growth and influence of Japanese Animation. If you like to stay in the dark, Tokyo is one of the best places to stay in the dark.

## Stockholm

Sweden’s capital city is also known for hosting world-renowned museums and historical sites. If you are looking for a place to stay where you can experience history, culture and nature at the same time, then Stockholm is for you. The city has a lot to offer and if you are looking for a place to stay where there are not many lights or crowds, then you should definitely choose this option.

## Coorg in South India

Coorg in South India is another place that has a lot to offer. It is also the place where South India’s famous duo,RC Fad and Govinda,made their famous face. The place is also known for the lot of sand in the weather which makes for an excellent gathering place for the two. Apart from this,Coorg is also home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world.

## Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island country that makes a great combination with both dark and light values. It is also called the land of magic because of the plethora of colorful and bizarre creatures that reside here. The capital city of the country,Sri Lanka is also known for its Natural Heritage which includes the Raranga Forest Reserve and the Kova Beach. If you are planning a getaway from home, then this is the place to go.

## Cancun in Mexico

Cancun is one of the most famous cities in the world and an ideal place to stay when looking for a truly cheap hotel. It is also famous for its rich Mexican history, Art Nouveau architecture and beautiful city. It is not a place you want to be remembered as though you were some sort of famous artist or writer. Instead, Cancun should be remembered as a great place where you can enjoy your stay with friends or family.


The beauty and the scariest city in the world are fashionnowdays few and far between. What you need to do is choose the most beautiful city in the world and blend it with your best options for hiding from prying eyes. There are so many options and it would be difficult for us to get to select just one. The more you know about the most beautiful cities in the world, the more you will have the option to pick the perfect city for you. You will also find that many famous cities such as Paris,New York,Tokyo,and Coorg in South India are very beautiful too. So, whether you are looking for a beautiful city or not, there is an opportunity for you to discover new horizons. So, put everything you have into your bucket list and discover the most beautiful city in the world.


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