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Find out How To Properly Handle A DUI Checkpoint in Florida

More and more police forces have begun using DUI checkpoints to minimize drunk driving.

This is especially true for Florida, where police forces statewide have made a concentrated effort to crack down on DUIs

While these Florida DUI checkpoints are essential in preventing people from driving under the influence and putting themselves and others under the influence. It’s still important for drivers to know their rights and the steps they should take when they are at a DUI checkpoint,

What are officers looking for in Florida DUI checkpoints?

The smell of alcohol: The first thing officers in Florida DUI checkpoints will be looking for is the smell of alcohol when you roll down your window. If you have been drinking, removing the odor from your car is essential.

Drug or Alcohol Paraphernalia In Your Car: Beer bottles, shot glasses, and other equipment used to consume drugs, or alcohol can be probable cause for an officer to suspect you are under the influence. Making sure to remove these items from immediate view before entering a Florida DUI checkpoint.

Slurred Speech: Slurred speech is a common sign of impairment and may indicate alcohol or drug use.

Bloodshot Eyes: Bloodshot eyes can be a sign of alcohol or drug use. It is one of the most cited reasons for officers arresting a driver for a DUI.

Fumbling or Dropping Objects: Impaired drivers may have trouble with their coordination, leading them to fumble or drop objects. When an officer asks you for your documentation, they observe how you handle the process.

What should drivers do at Florida DUI checkpoints?

If you are approaching a DUI checkpoint in Florida, you should take some important steps to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Stay Calm and Cooperative: Keep your nerves under control and be polite to the officer. Remember that the officer is doing his job to ensure public safety. Many times drivers will get combative, only drawing more attention to themselves.

Have Your License and Registration Ready: Have your driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance ready to show the officer. If you fumble with these documents, it might raise suspicion.

Don’t Volunteer Information: Officers will ask a series of questions at Florida DUI checkpoints that you are not obligated to answer. First and most importantly, If the officer asks you whether you have been drinking, do not admit it.

Make Sure To Call an Attorney If You Have Been Arrested For a DUI

If you have been arrested after a Florida DUI checkpoint, it’s incredibly important that you call an attorney. A DUI arrest can have serious implications for your life. It can result in heavy fines, a suspended license, and jail time. Also, depending on your field of work, many people have lost their jobs over a DUI conviction. That’s why it’s essential you call an attorney who specializes in Florida DUIs as soon as possible.

A DUI attorney can help explain your legal options and current timeline, they can help you navigate the complicated legal process, and help minimize the damage a DUI arrest can have on your life.

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