Can You Dispose of Yard Waste in Rental Dumpsters?

Are you wondering what and what not to put in a rental dumpster?

Did you know that putting the wrong things in a rental dumpster will attract a fine and can also affect your environment? This is why you have state and local regulations put in place to ensure proper waste disposal. You should also know that these regulations are different for each state. E.g., Some objects that can be recycled in Austin, like soda cans, papers, food cans, caps, and bottles, may not be accepted for recycling in another state.

Below is a detailed list of what and what not to put in rental dumpsters.

What to Put in a Rental Dumpster

  • yard waste

Yard waste like sticks, leaves, branches and any form of environmental debris is safe to throw in a dumpster

  • Household junk

Mostly, any household waste can go in a dumpster. E.g., old clothes, curtains, books, furniture, brick, and construction debris.

  • Electronics

Generally, small sets of electronics are accepted as waste items in dumpsters. For larger electronic sets, you will need to dispose of them according to state rules and regulations.

What Not to Put in a Rental Dumpster

  • Fuels, Oils, and Propane Tank

Flammable materials like fuel, oil, gasoline, or tanks cannot be disposed of in a dumpster. It is illegal in most states and poses a serious safety risk.

  • Adhesives

Any form of adhesive is not allowed in dumpsters because it can bind materials to the wall.

  • Paint and Lacquers

Paints, wood stains, and lacquers containing mercury or lead are hazardous and, therefore, cannot be allowed in dumpsters.

  • Tires

Most landfills do not accept tires because of how long it takes to decompose and how they can trap gases.

  • Hot Water Tanks

Hot water tanks are prohibited from dumpsters because they contain toxic gases that pose a risk of exploding. You can dispose of hot water tanks either by scrapping, selling, or donating.

  • Food Waste

Food waste is usually not allowed in dumpsters because it can get messy and attract rodents. If you need to dispose of large amounts of food waste, you should consider using the local composting center or trash services

  • Non- alkaline Batteries

Some batteries fall below the state standard for hazardous waste and are very safe to be disposed of in rentals. However, many batteries are toxic and should never be thrown in dumpsters. They include car batteries, rechargeable batteries, computer batteries, and lead-acid batteries.

Other Options For Getting Rid of Yard Waste

Aside from renting a dumpster, there are other ways to get rid of yard waste. Depending on the type of waste, it is important to choose the right method.

  • Curbside Collection

In most areas, there are special bags available for curbside collection. You may need to research to know your area’s schedule and restrictions.

  • Burning

This is one of the least expensive ways of disposing of yard waste, and it is more adaptable in rural areas. But if you live in the city or suburbs, there might be safety concerns. In some places, there are strict laws regarding the type of debris you can burn.

Advantages of Using a Rental Dumpster Compared to Other Disposal Methods

  • You can get rid of different types of debris at once
  • You can toss unwanted debris
  • You would have access to a team of waste industry expert
  • You can work at your convenience

How do I know What is Prohibited in My Area

When you go to rent a dumpster, there will be a review of all the items that are not accepted. This list of items will be sent alongside your invoice to your email or other contact information.

What is The Limit of How Much Waste Can Go Into a Dumpster

This depends on the size of the dumpster you use and the type of waste you’re disposing of. An average dumpster can carry up to 10 tons or 20,000 pounds of debris, although the limit is usually between 5,000-12,000 pounds or 2-6 tons due to local road safety restrictions.

What Happens If I Don’t Follow The Rules

Breaking the dumpster rules can cause additional charges to your invoice, and it can also cause interruptions to your service.

Whether it is for a business site, construction projects, or commercial purposes, there are rental dumpsters suitable for any type of debris. It is important to also put into consideration your state guidelines for waste disposal.

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