Exercising To Relax: How to Get Moving to Manage Stress

Exercise is now widely acknowledged by most experts to be one of the best ways to relax. Movement especially is a great way to manage stress better. As long as you increase your daily movements (and retain a healthy diet), you will be better able not only to take care of anxiety issues but also get rid of any extra pounds. This, in turn, will mean better stamina and a more productive life. Here is what you can do to increase movement in your life:

  • Always walk before you run

Unless you are a marathon-level athlete, it is always wise to take it easy before starting any exercise regimen. You will have to gradually build up your fitness level. If you become over-enthusiastic you run the risk of overdoing it and end up with severe muscle pain and even injuries. For healthy adults, doctors recommend around 150 minutes at least of any sort of moderate aerobic activity that will increase the heart rate. Alternatively, you can go for 75 minutes of pretty vigorous aerobic activity as well. You can also combine the two. A few examples of different types of moderate aerobic activity typically include climbing stairs, brisk walking, or even swimming. Running, jogging and fast cycling are examples of vigorous aerobic activity. There is a simple rule here. The more you exercise, the greater the health benefits. You can also derive plenty of benefits from strength training for all of the core muscle groups.

  • Try to do what you love to do

Just about every form of exercise or daily movement has the potential to increase the fitness level of your body even as it decreases your stress levels. Here, the single most important thing to do for you would be to pick the activity that you will enjoy doing the most. If you like strolling through the garden and taking in the sweet aroma of fragrant flowers, so be it. You can get an elliptical machine if you are comfortable with that machine’s gentle rocking motion. There is dancing, cycling, tai chi, yoga, and gardening, in fact, the list is endless. You should go for a motorized bike for a different and adventurous experience.  If you can’t spend the time going to a gym, just take out your yoga mat and watch a video on YouTube and move along with it.

  • Find a good friend

Having a friend wait for you to show up is half the battle won. You will be able to slough off the tiredness and lazy feeling and use your friend’s expectation from you as a really powerful incentive. This is why you should try to make plans to meet your friends for workouts or even simple walks around the block. Not only will you be more motivated, but exercise time will also become a fun time as you chat about your mutual interests and hobbies.

  • Change the routine

Following the same routine can become quite dull, so you might need to change it every now and then to spice things up a bit. If you like running, you can consider rope skipping for a change. Or you can go for a leisurely walk in the neighborhood park. It will decrease your stress levels and make you feel better about yourself.

  • Exercise in bursts

Even very brief bouts of high-intensity physical activity usually offer plenty of health benefits. For example, if you don’t have the time to walk for an hour every day, try a brisk walk for 10 minutes. If you do it often enough in the day, it will all add up. You can do squats, pull-ups, and push-ups too. Interval training of 30 to 60 seconds of very high energy activity can also provide huge benefits and help decrease stress too.

  • Use gym equipment

You should also consider exercising with gym equipment as well. For example, cardio equipment will help to increase your overall energy levels and also tone your body too whereas dumbbells are great for strength training, specifically loading the skeletal system to improve bone density. You can also use a training tracking software free download so that you can monitor your fitness journey.

  • Conclusion

Exercising every day is a surefire way of relaxing and taking care of your body. It can also help you to manage your stress levels. Consult with your spine doctor before including any physical activities to your routine. As long as you increase your daily movement, you will see an increase in your stamina while eliminating stress from your life.

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