Best Gifts For New Homeowners

Gifts represent the giver but they do not depend on the one who gives them. The number of efforts it takes to select a gift for someone can be a tough process. Not all of us have enough time to analyze a person and then choose a suitable gift for them. Certain events come each year like birthdays, anniversaries, and you can give people anything without giving it much thought since you have an opportunity to do better the next year if they happen to not like it much. But when it comes to once-in-a-lifetime events like the inauguration of one’s house, you do need to put some thought into what you choose to give the person.

In this article we shall be discussing some gift options, you could consider gifting to your close family and friends who are new homeowners.

1. Welcome mat:

The doormat or welcome mat is right in front of the main door. It is one of the most initial things one notices when entering a house. Doormats speak volumes about the vibe of a house since they create the very first impression on a person of the house owner.

If you wish, you can choose to gift your friends with a welcome mat. Choose something that isn’t just aesthetic but also usable. Several aesthetic welcome mats are made out of strong materials and do not fade away soon. You can choose from a large variety of options of welcome matts. There are fake grass mats available. Or, you could buy the ones with quotes written over them.

2. Serving trays:

A serving tray that is aesthetic and made of strong plastic or wood can make for a really impressive gift. If you’re thinking of gifting it to someone with an interest in arts, you could look for trays that come with acrylic paintings. If you’re looking for something decent, you could go for a wooden tray. Some trays come with a marble finish. They not only look classy but are also strong enough to serve their purpose for a long time.

3. Lightning:

Lighting choices can make or break a room’s design and mood. There’s no better time to explore funky lighting options than when you’re first moving into a new home. While your loved ones are unpacking, you can hit them with one of the best housewarming gifts: lighting upgrades. Besides the essentials, you could also consider LED grow lights are also a great option to consider, especially if they plan to keep houseplants around the house.

4. Mini wreaths:

Wreaths are one of the most impressive gifts you could give to a new homeowner. A new homeowner looks for things they can decorate their house with. The wreath is a perfect gift for such people who are enthusiasts of interior decor. As much as wreaths are aesthetic, they cannot be kept for longer if they are natural ones. Therefore artificial wreaths are better than natural ones since you do not need to throw them away after a week of their use.

5. Indoor plants:

Indoor plants are one of the best and the most sought-after home decor items. They not only beautify the house but also improve the air quality in the house, quite significantly. One can keep them anywhere, from their kitchen to their dining area, bedrooms, halls, etc. Some people even keep plants in their washrooms for decoration purposes. Indoor plants come in various sizes and types. One can choose whatever they want to give to the other person. Some plants even work to improve the sleep of the person who sleeps beside them.

6. Letter and key holder:

One of the most misplaced items in the house is letters and keys. We often tend to keep the letters and keys at different places in the house, like on a table, or in a book, and then forget where we kept them. A letter and the key holder can be of great use in such a condition. One can fix the letter on the holder and hang the keys on them to keep them safe and noticeable. This prevents important letters and one’s house or car keys from getting lost. Since we’re all wearing masks after the pandemic, these holders can even be used to hang masks.


Giving gifts to people is exciting but a tedious and stressful process since one needs to put their head into the other person’s place and wonder what they would want as a gift. Some of the most useful and aesthetic gifts you could give a person are Welcome mats, Letter and key holders, Mini wreaths, and Serving trays. These can be bought in various types and styles, depending upon one’s taste. LED grow lights are also a great option to consider.

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