Considerations when buying a T-shirt printing machine

The following article is meant to shed light on the things to take into consideration while choosing between purchasing the best equipment for making impressions on clothing. Since all factors considered when buying anything are greatly influenced by the affordability of the item, I believe the following article will be helpful to one on the lookout.

Printing is slowly but surely becoming one way to add style and fashion to clothing most especially t-shirts. Therefore, one should take into consideration the following factors if they want to buy a printing machine.


One factor to consider is the versatility of that specific machine. The continued change in trends of fashion calls for preparedness and awareness in advance. A machine would be of no use if it’s limited to one thing. It is every person’s dream to be relevant in what they do daily.


Another factor is the durability of the machine. We certainly don’t want a machine that will serve us for a short time and then off it goes to the trash. The ability to last longer is an important factor to consider since it reduces the cost of production.


Additionally, the quality of the machine is also very important to consider. We don’t want a machine that will not produce the required prints as perfectly as intended. The clients need to be kept coming back and that only happens if the work done is top-notch.

Speed of the machine

You should also consider the speed of the machine in printing one t-shirt. This is going to help you in the calculation of the amount of work you can carry out within a specific time. This gives confidence in beating deadlines. A machine that can work faster is better than a slow one.


Another important factor is the affordability of the machine. The t shirt printing machine price in Kenya is so favourable. The price will be greatly appreciated if the machine meets your expectations. You should always check out for machines within your budget.

Size of the machine

One must consider the size of the machine they want to purchase. This is going to help you in terms of storage and transportation of the machine. This also affects mobility in your workshop and therefore the size of the machine should be proportional to the size of your working area.

The uniqueness of the machine

Another factor to consider is the uniqueness of your printing machine. How different it is from others for instance in the aspect of noise cancellation is very important. It is very important to consider how you affect the people around you if you decide to use that machine.

Power consumption

You must also consider the consumption of electric power by the machine. Any entrepreneur aims to minimize the cost of production while increasing the output. The more electricity used the more costly it gets and vice versa is true.


Last but not least you should greatly consider the reliability of where you buy the printing machine. Take time to get the best seller by asking around about their reputation in the industry.


In conclusion, it is always important to look into the ups and downs of any equipment before buying them. A heat press machine is very sensitive and therefore great care should be taken.

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