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Basic Facts about Sugarcane Juice Extractor

Are you looking for a way to kick start a healthy diet? Or do you own a restaurant and wish to introduce new and healthier drinks? Well, today we will be discussing a machine that will solve all your problems, the sugarcane juice extractor.

A sugarcane extractor does as its name suggests, it’s a device used to extract sweet juices from the sugarcane plant. They come in different sizes depending on the amount of workload. It also differs in the type of automation the machine offers; others require more manual effort, while others are simply a plug-and-play kind of machine.

Below are several factors that you must consider before purchasing a sugarcane juicer.

Area of Purpose

This fact essentially means where the sugarcane will be used, either domestically in homes or for commercial use such as restaurants. This is a crucial element since it helps you narrow down the kind of machine you require. For domestic use, the machine is relatively smaller in size and hence has minimum features.

Likewise, for commercial use, the workload is greater hence the size will be larger than its former, and it will also come with various features such as automatic settings. Knowing where you will use it aids in minimizing the available choices.

User Friendliness

This generally answers the question, of how easy it is to operate the system. This fact directly affects the efficiency of the machine. The more complex the appliance is, the more time-consuming operations will take. In such cases, manual sugarcane juice machines are usually preferred since they are relatively easier to use as compared to electric ones. User-friendliness also aids in maintaining the machine.


This generally shows how long a machine can serve you while in use. Machines that last longer are preferred since it directly reflects their value. It also helps in reducing the cost of maintenance, no one wants an appliance that breaks now and then. In commercial use, if a machine is not durable, it results in major losses and can end up doing more harm than good to the business. Always keep this fact in mind since it will save you a lot of trouble.

Capacity of extraction

Even if a machine meets the stated factors described in this article, the amount of juice extracted from the sugar cane greatly determines the sugarcane juice extractor prices in Kenya. Some machines can extract large amounts of sugarcane juice and hence are expensive. This factor also determines the general size of the machine. The larger the machine the more its extraction capacity is thus, the more expensive it is. Likewise, smaller machines offer the opposite effect and are relatively cheaper.


Machines and technology have evolved over the years, and new and more sophisticated devices are built daily. More sugarcane extractors are developed and improved. Due t the rising population demand for healthy and refreshing drinks will rise. The above factors mentioned are few and basic but very crucial when it comes to deciding on the machine of choice. Additional research is highly advisable to pinpoint the exact machine you require.

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