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Bags of the season with some essential tips 

“Just one bag, that’s all. “I don’t require any additional bags.” Have you ever heard a woman say something like this? No woman on the planet would say that one bag is sufficient for her. Women like to look their best, and they want to accessorise with matching handbags or purses. Women enjoy purchasing bags and stocking their closets with various types of women handbags. When done correctly, shopping for handbags can be considered an art form. 

The desire for premium bags transcends all age groups and genders. Perhaps not everyone can afford to shop in the upscale sections so you can find economical and genuine goods on Style Shake. So, in this case, affordability is also a significant consideration. Bags are available in various price ranges so that they can fit into anyone’s budget. We have curated the list of this season’s most affordable handbag options that will fit almost anyone’s pocket! 


These are the ideal pick for working women because they combine the functionality of both a handbag and a laptop bag. This eliminates the need to carry two bags. It can hold all of your essentials as well as your gadgets. However, remember to invest in a sturdy bag of high quality – these need to last a long time. 


This is a clutch, but with a fancier appeal and feel! A minaudiere is a clutch encrusted with coloured stones, gems, pearls, and so on. When attending an extraordinary event, such as a cocktail party, wedding, or evening party, you should carry a Minaudiere rather than a clutch. And, for those special occasions, we must have a Minaudiere. 


Amidst the vast range of women’s handbags, this bag is the favourite one due to its multifunctional and convenient approach. This bag is most likely owned by most of the ladies out there. Every woman should have this type of girl tote bag. It is ideal for storing all the necessities and everyday belongings. Even if you are on a short trip, you can rely on this bag! Trust this bag if you are a woman who carries a LOT of stuff in her purse. 

Styling Tip: Holding your bag in front creates a barrier between you and the outside world, and crossing your arms across your body sends a signal of self-doubt. 

“Of course, these signals are situational and do not apply to every woman and every situation. Only when a woman carries her bag in a certain way regularly can we conclude her personality.” 


A hobo is a shoulder bag that is not as wide as a tote. This women handbag’s crescent shape makes it both formal and casual. If you’re tired of your usual totes and shoulder bags, the Hobo will be a welcome addition to your collection. 

Styling tip: 

A woman who does not use her bag to conceal the front of her body is usually very confident because it keeps the solar plexus free of objects. When you wear your bag over your shoulder, you’re sending the message that you don’t need to hide behind anything. 

“It’s also convenient because the bag is out of the way and frees up both hands to focus on the task at hand.” A large bag also suggests practicality, as it can carry various items from a laptop to make-up and gym shoes, implying that you live an active life and are prepared for any eventuality. 

Shoulder bags 

These are the workhorses of a handbag wardrobe. They are an ideal pick for daily use because they have straps long enough to go over your shoulder and eventually free up your hands. This women handbag is flexible and can be worn against your waist. Many of these shoulder handbags online come with outside pockets and internal slots. From leather bags to luxury designer handbags, several different models are available. There will be a shoulder bag with various sizes, forms, colors, closures, and designs that every woman would love to pick for her daily chores. 

Handbags are popular among women for a variety of reasons. It’s more than just keeping up with the latest trends and fads. Bags aren’t just for making fashion statements, even though their style and elegance are essential in our everyday attire. Many ladies would pass out if their purses were not with them. Again, it is dependent on the woman and her preferences, but we have yet to meet a woman who does not adore handbags. 

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