10 Online Logo Makers That Are Changing The Concept Of The Design

In a business, one of the most important marketing elements you can have is a logo design. Every business run will need a logo to represent itself in the market. These days it has become so easy to create and develop stunning logos without wasting any time or much money. With technological advancements, logo makers are improving and creating quite an impression.

Here are 10 online logo makers that are changing the concept of the design.

1. Designhill Logo Maker

Designhill is one of the best AI-powered logo maker tools in the market. This is not just a logo maker but a one-stop solution for all your branding needs. Along with online logo maker, Designhill has tools like flyer maker, business card maker, email signature generator, label maker, and much more.

With Designhill, you need to pick 5 sample logos of your choice first. Then, you can select colors and enter the industry. You can pick 5 icons to use in your logo design. After this, in just a few seconds, the system will generate plenty of attractive logo designs. Designhill does a great job painting icons with creative font styles and appealing color schemes. It also has a design size guide to create perfect logos for every platform. This tool costs $20 for low-resolution PNG files, $65 for professional logo files, and $150 to buy you a designer for further customization.

2. Tailor Brands Logo Maker

Next, Tailor Brands has 15 different marketing tools to let your company excel. The logo maker of Tailor Brands is an AI-powered logo maker which creates stunning designs in just a few minutes. Other than logo maker, you can find tools to create custom brochure designs, label designs, packaging designs, business cards, etc.

This AI logo maker is equipped with tools to help your company thrive and create a custom logo. You just need to enter basic company details and then the tool will create plenty of designs in just a few seconds. You can pick one that looks the best to you and then customize it accordingly. The pricing plans include a $9.99 basic, $19.99 standard, and $49.99 premium plan.

3. Logomaster.ai

Logomaster is quite easy to use and handle online logo makers. With help of artificial intelligence, you can get plenty of free designs immediately after entering your details. Logomaster asks you to enter the name of the company, a slogan or mission of the company, and lets you choose a graphic. From there, you will discover a huge variety of logos that you can select and customize according to your branding needs and preferences.

Logomaster is a great tool that has a huge selection of logo designs created for other companies. You can customize your search and logo-making process based on industry or you can look at designs at pick one. Logomaster charges $25 for one time logo, $75 for an editable logo, and $125 for variations.

4. Logobot

If you are looking for something affordable and simple yet amazing then Logobot is the perfect place. You can create a great logo design for less than $14. Also, this includes unlimited downloads and revisions.

You can enter the details and a variety of designs will appear on the screen. With Logobot it can get a little time-consuming. However, once you pick up your logo design, you can edit it with help of amazing graphic design tools available. Overall, this tool creates simple logos which are visually appealing and useful in business. For one time logo, you pay $9 and $14 for unlimited edits.

5. Brandmark

Brandmark is another online logo maker which can be used to create custom logos in very less time. This platform has a huge variety of icons, graphic designs, font styles, images, and much more to create distinct and visually appealing designs. This tool will also provide supplementary tools to use your logo and do the right branding. The tools include-

Logo Crunch- to make different logo versions for various platforms such as social media, websites, etc.

Logo Rank- to see how well your logo ranks for various design features

AI Color Wheel- choose the perfect color scheme for your logo and branding

Font Generator- discover new fonts

Pricing begins from $25 for one-time logo design, $75 for digital files, and $175 for designer logos and files.

6. DesignMantic

DesignMantic is a full-service graphic design and print company that also has an AI logo generator. It is one of the costly options but the availability of graphic design tools and a wide variety of products justifies the price. You can see your logo on various products such as t-shirts, business cards, websites, and much more.

You just need to enter your company name, choose the industry, and then plenty of designs will appear infront of you. You can also get mockups based on font style. You have to pay $47 for a basic, $97 for a professional, $167 for a startup, and $697 for small business plans.

7. Logoai

Depending on your business and industry, your logo will be placed on lots of different platforms and branded products. It can be hard to tell how logos will look on 3-dimensional objects. Logoai helps to see your design printed on objects in mockup photos. You can see your logo design on t-shirts, billboards, projector screens, business cards, flyers, letterheads, etc. This can provide you with huge insight into what is actually working in your logo.

You have to enter your color scheme choice, the font which works best for you, multiple graphics, the slogan of the company, and name, and create plenty of logos. You can get unique designs every time you run through the generator. Pricing plans include basic- $29, pro- $59, and brand level- $99.

8. Vistaprint

With Vistaprint, you first enter the name of your business, and secondary text. Then, you add your slogan or establishment date. Next, you can provide details about your business to help logo makers find relevant icons and font styles. The final step involves browsing and selecting the logo you like the most and then customizing it.

This tool is completely free to use. You can get free PNG and PDF files for the full-color logo. The easy-to-use and user-friendly interface makes it so easy to handle even for beginners.

9. Looka

Looka is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to understand your business and create amazing logos. You can pick 5 logo design samples that appeal to you the most. Then choose the color palette, and special symbols for your logo and you are good to go.

Looka will show you various logo samples which you can pick from and customize. Further, you can change fonts, text, colors, layouts, graphic design, or anything you do not like in the design. This will help you in generating a unique and attractive logo without wasting much time and energy. It costs $20 for a low-resolution PNG file and $65 for the full range of design files.

10. Namecheap

Enter your company name, and industry, pick font styles, three icons and the Namecheap application will do the rest. Plenty of designs will start popping on the screen in just a few seconds. You can choose your favorite design, and edit it according to your brand needs. Then, you can download your design files without spending a single penny or even creating an account on the platform. It is totally free to use and you can download PNG and SVG files.

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