Why is safety important essay?

As the name implies, safety refers to a process or an object that is free from risks. Security is a good way to avoid losing money, assets, and time to employees and customers. It also prevents damage to the organization’s “steady state.” The term is often used to describe the protection of products, services, and processes. It is important to understand the importance of ensuring that a product or service is safe before it is used or sold.

The word safety has many definitions. The Concise Oxford Dictionary defines it as “freedom from risk.” The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as “the absence of hazards or risks.” Douglas Harper traces the word safe to the Old French word sauf, which comes from the Latin salvus, which means uninjured or unsalted. Both stem from the same Latin base word solwos, which means wholeness me2day.info.

In Conclusion

Health hazards laws were first passed in 1872, when Massachusetts required that factories and other facilities have fire exits. By 1890, there were health hazard laws in 21 states. However, the policies were different in every state. The more liberal policies attracted businesses to those states with less stringent regulations, and stricter ones were pushed by other states to reduce regulations. Occupational health and safety issues are important to businesses, and minimizing them will result in lower costs and greater profits xfire.tv.

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