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Why Homeowners Are Painting Their Home Exteriors With Tex-Cote

Depending on the climate that you live in, it is recommended by experts to repaint your home every five to ten years on average. Painting your home is an expensive and time-consuming process that involves much more in the way of time and expense than simply rolling on a coat of paint.

Before painting there is prep work such as pressure washing, taping off fixtures and glass, and fixing holes and cracks amongst other chores just to get ready to apply the paint. What if there was a way to avoid this often necessary practice altogether with a “one and done” solution? Read further for information on how to save time and money below and contact a Tex-Cote contractor near you.

Superior Technology

The average exterior house paint requires frequent recoating and it is susceptible to fade quickly, especially in deeper, richer tones. Cracking, peeling, and chalking are all common problems with exterior paint as they are regularly exposed to the elements. UV, extreme temperature fluctuations, and general oxidation from pollution will all take their toll quickly on the exterior of your home or business.

Tex-Cote looks like regular paint, but this is where the similarities end. Tex-Cote describes its product as, “High-Build Textured Architectural Coatings”. Tex-Cote does not chalk the way standard exterior paints are commonly known to do. This high performance coating contains polymers, acrylic, and volcanic ash added to form a light reflective tough layer of protection that your average acrylic house paint simply cannot compete with.

A Lasting Solution

Hiring a Tex-Cote contractor can save you an inordinate amount of time and money over the years. By not having to repeatedly repaint the exterior of your home or business over, and over again. Unlike traditional paint, Tex-Cote also requires no primer and can also be used on bridges, decks, and walkways just to name a few applications.

Backed by a lifetime warranty for as long as they own the structure this also includes a five-year warranty of labor. This applies to flaking, chipping, or peeling. If it is a manufacturer defect, Tex-Cote will of course replace all materials free of charge regardless.

Money Saving Features

You will not only save money repainting but in decreased utility costs. Tex-Cote products contain heat-reflective technology by using post-industrial glass, meaning they are not only effective but good for the environment by using recycled materials. By having a Tex-Cote contractor apply their product to your home or business you will see significant savings by lowering your energy usage for cooling.

Beautiful And Durable

Tex-Cote products are offered through independent dealers with approved technicians. Offered in 500 plus colors that are guaranteed not to fade, your project will look terrific from day one.   Used for decades on the exterior of not only homes, but churches, schools, and hotels to name a few applications, Tex-Cote is a trusted source of material used now internationally.  For durable beauty that lasts, contact a Tex-Cote contractor today.

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