Which foreign country is best for work?

This is currently a very important issue that worries everyone. Let’s understand this question together.

Jobs in the United Arab Emirates

What are the advantages of working in the UAE? What salary can I expect in the UAE?

Of course, working in the UAE brings high salaries and favorable conditions for cooperation. Most salaries start at $ 1,000.

What is the cost of living in UAE?

Abu Dhabi and Dubai can offer you the best conditions for work, cooperation and living. They are considered to be the leading countries in terms of the cost of living in the UAE.

How and where to look for work in the UAE?

You can find work on Layboard.in.On the site you can find the job of your dreams that will suit your skills and desires. Here you will have the opportunity to contact the employees who are also listed on the site and consult with them on the selection of work.

Jobs in Qatar

According to the latest data, many are migrating to Qatar. Benefits of employment in Qatar:

  • high wages;
  • comfortable living conditions;
  • stable economic situation;
  • a large selection of professions in various specialties.

If you are an unskilled worker, your salary will be about $ 2,000 a month. It all depends on the type of profession, language skills and work experience. If you are a professional, your salary can be $3,500

Most popular vacancies:

  • construction;
  • tourism and hotel and restaurant business;
  • IT sector;
  • finance and real estate.

There are many job offers for girls. For example, work as waitresses, maids, cleaners.

What salary can I expect in Qatar?

Salary in Qatar is high by any standards: on average, you can get from 1000-2000 dollars. It all depends on your experience.

Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Arabia jobs are the most favorable and best country to earn and many workers choose working in Saudi Arabia.

What are the advantages of Saudi jobs?

  •         an eight-hour working day on average;
  •        employees are given housing and transportation;
  •       high salary;
  •        conclusion of a contract;
  •       registration of a work visa;
  •       provision of health insurance;
  •        payment of your vacation once a year.

Quite popular professions in Saudi Arabia are the profession of English teacher, IT specialist, draftsman.Qualified foreign specialists can work in the fields of tourism, construction, information technology, telecommunications and some others.

 Where to look for Saudi jobs and what should you do?

Here is our site that introduces you to a lot of information about working in Arabia, you just find and read what you think is necessary, our Layboard will help you with employment.

What is the cost of living in Saudi Arabia?

The total cost of living for two people with an average consumption level for one month, excluding the cost of housing, will be about seven thousand dollars

Jobs in  Bahrain

Bahrain is a great place to earn good money. The capital Manama offers the most job vacancies.

Most requested vacancies in Bahrain:

  • Hotel/hotel administrator
  • Maid
  • Animators and guides
  • Bartenders and waiters
  • Hostess
  • Construction and repair
  • Retail trade
  • Mechanic
  • Driver

What is the salary and cost of living in Bahrain?

The average salary in Bahrain is 1,330 dinars for qualified professionals. For ordinary workers, wages range from $ 1,000 to $ 1,500

   Jobs in Singapore

To go to work in Singapore, you must meet the following criteria:

  • age from 18 to 35 years old;
  • good command of English;
  • experience in the field of restaurant and hotel business, service and tourism;
  • girls are accepted for most vacancies;
  • higher or secondary specialized education.

How and where to look for job vacancies in Singapore?

Use the site Layboard  to find your dream job. There are a lot of relevant vacancies, and here they will help you get answers to all your questions.

What is the average salary in Singapore work?

The average salary in Singapore  is about $ 4,000 per month. Foreigners may well count on 2-3 thousand dollars and more, depending on the profession.

Jobs in Canada

You can easily work in Canada if you are a successful and good professional. In addition, you can be given citizenship in this country. Fortunately, working in Canada for foreigners is available to everyone

What jobs are popular in Canada?

Jobs in Canada include medical professionals, petroleum engineers, financial and banking analysts, and experienced technicians. To work on these vacancies you need to have education and of course work experience. Among foreigners, work in Canada as a truck driver, welder, roofer, concrete worker, bricklayer, as well as temporary work on farms is very popular in Canada. If you do not have experience and education, you will still want to work in Canada.If you are a woman, you can work as a cleaner, housekeeper, nurse, waitress, maid, seamstress and saleswoman. Men can get a job as a cook, bartender, or security guard. Also, for any job you need to know English, French will be a plus.

What is the salary in Canada?

The average wage is about $4,000 to $5,000, which is a very good result in the world labor market.

The work of your dreams is already waiting for you

Go now and start looking for the job of your dreams.

Everything is in your hands, you will definitely succeed !!!

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