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What should you consider before buying a laptop

When buying a laptop many users can be confused, due to so many technical features to consider and the best laptop will depend on the user’s needs. Today they are becoming more and more advanced and compact, such as the magic book model from Honor, among many other brands.

Features such as hardware or software involve many things that directly influence the performance and must be considered before buying a laptop. Whether you are an expert or not in this technology, it is important to verify all its functions and not fall into the marketing traps.

Every day the market shows more and better options of laptops, each time faster and more compact. So that this does not overwhelm you, it is important to know what you should consider before buying a laptop.

Check the processor capacity

The processor is basically the brain of the laptops or any computer, so checking its brand and capacity is very important before buying a laptop.

Depending on the performance of the processor, it will depend on the autonomy of battery power consumption, as well as the speed of your applications and programs. Currently the most recognized manufacturers are INTEL and AMD, each with specific characteristics.

To know which is the ideal processor before buying a laptop, it is important to define what it will be used for. If the user has applications such as Adobe Premier or plays video games constantly, he will probably need an laptop intel i7 processer like the one in the HONOR MagicBook 14 or higher.

Those who want a laptop for more basic tasks such as office work or school homework, then the AMD processor will be ideal. It is always advisable to consult a professional or a technician for better advice.

Check the RAM memory

Before buying a laptop, the RAM memory capacity is one of the things you should consider. RAM memory is very important, because it functions as the memory of the laptop and also, it is the place where all the data of the programs in use are stored.

The more capacity the laptop’s RAM memory has, the faster it will work and the faster it will respond to the commands and orders given by the user.

Today it is possible to find laptops with RAM memory from 4 GB to 32 GB. In the case of Honor’s MagicBook, the RAM memory is 8B, but it is possible to find laptops with higher capacity, especially those for video editing and video games.

Storage Space

Unlike RAM, which determines the speed of the laptop, SSD memory is the storage of all the data stored on the system, such as photos, files, music and more.

With this in mind, one of the things you should consider before buying a laptop is the storage capacity of the hard drive. The ideal storage will depend on the use of the laptop, so if you are, for example, a video editor or graphic designer, you will need a memory with high capacity for the type of files you work with.

In cases where the main use will be for office or school work, a hard drive with standard storage capacity will work.

Always make sure to choose a reputable supplier and buy laptops from exclusive and official online stores, to avoid buying fake or imitation computers.

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