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What is the Wholesale Price of Diamonds?

The wholesale value of diamond wholesalers uk is determined by several factors, such as cut, clarity, colour and fluorescence.

Diamond prices are determined primarily by its four Cs (cut, colour, clarity and carat). Furthermore, the size and weight of the stone play a role as well.

Cost of Rough Diamonds

The wholesale cost of man made diamonds Parramatta is determined by several factors, such as cut quality, clarity and colour. Collectively known as the “Four Cs”, these four characteristics can greatly influence a diamond’s price.

In the past, rough diamonds had to go through multiple intermediaries before reaching consumers. Each intermediary took a portion of the price before selling it on to consumers.

However, that system has shifted due to the growth in internet sales. Online retailers like Blue Nile and James Allen can offer lower prices than physical stores since they don’t need to cover overhead expenses associated with running a physical location.

Mercury’s diamond pricing system allows it to comprehensively price rough diamonds from the most affordable to the most costly, based on a variety of characteristics and yields. This includes individual stones as well as defined assortment groupings and all run-of-mine types in terms of size, shape, colour and clarity. Furthermore, this system helps combat fraudulence by tracing diamonds from mine to market.

Cost of Cutting

The cost of cutting diamonds can have an impact on the final price tag for a gem. Diamond cutters utilize various tools to craft the ideal cut, such as saws, water and abrasive powder to shape each stone into its desired form.

Cutting a diamond requires the removal of much of its rough stone. For round diamonds, only about 40% of the original rough is used to create the polished gem.

Similar to round brilliants, fancy shaped diamonds (such as pear or oval) can be more cost effective than their round brilliant counterparts due to less material being lost during cutting.

In many ways, the wholesale price of diamonds is more influenced by emotion than rationality. For instance, a 0.99 carat diamond is only worth around 1% more than a 1.50 carat gem.

Cost of Polishing

The cost of polishing diamonds is determined by several factors. The quality and shape of the rough are crucial, while cutting is another essential step in producing a polished diamond.

Once the rough is cut, it must be polished by a professional. This takes time and is an extremely delicate process.

To achieve this goal, the diamond must first be carefully shaved down and shaped using a saw and abrasive powder – this process is known as bruiting.

This stage used to be done manually, but nowadays relies heavily on computers for producing the correct size, angle and symmetry of facets. It is an essential step in polishing a diamond so it can be set into jewellery.

Cost of Finishing

Wholesale diamonds cost more than raw or cut only ones due to the extra step it takes for the cutter to transform a rough stone into something suitable for jewellery use.

The shape of a finished diamond also influences its value. Round brilliant diamonds tend to be more expensive than princess cuts, even though both have the same colour, clarity and carat weight.

Cutters must cover the materials, labour and equipment necessary to complete a diamond. Furthermore, they are responsible for covering insurance costs as well.


In conclusion, the wholesale price of diamonds is determined by various factors such as cut, clarity, colour, carat weight, and fluorescence. The cost of rough diamonds can also be influenced by these factors, along with the size, shape, and yield of the stone. The cost of cutting, polishing, and finishing a diamond can also impact its final price. Online retailers like Blue Nile and James Allen are able to offer lower prices due to their lower overhead expenses compared to physical stores. Overall, the wholesale price of diamonds is influenced by many factors and can vary widely depending on the characteristics and quality of the gemstone.

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