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What Is The Most Ethical Stone For Engagement Ring?

Shopping for an ethical engagement rings can be an intricate process, taking into account factors like style, price range and ethical sourcing.

Conflict-free and sustainably sourced diamonds are among the most ethical options, being mined from locations that respect human rights while paying fair wages to workers while also limiting environmental damage.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Diamonds that have been cultured, synthetic or faked (lab grown diamonds) can make a wonderful choice for eco-conscious couples who prioritize minimising environmental impacts while respecting human rights issues associated with mined diamonds. Most ethical jewellers will label ethical diamond rings appropriately.

Lab grown diamonds offer couples on a tight budget the perfect eco-friendly ring option, while remaining stunning and conflict free.

Lab-grown diamonds offer another advantage over natural ones: they can be produced in multiple colours. This feature can especially benefit couples seeking fancy pink or blue diamonds that would otherwise be impossible to come by in nature.

Madonna stands out as an ethical jewellery brand using lab grown diamonds, offering stunning lab grown diamond rings set in recycled or Fairtrade gold. Additionally, this woman owned company gives back to its community through One Tree Planted for each ring purchased.

Lab Grown Gemstones

Ethically sourced lab grown diamonds are increasingly becoming an option when purchasing an engagement ring. a sustainable fine jewellery brand, is leading this movement with their beautiful custom rings created using only lab grown diamonds and recycled 18k solid gold; helping reduce mining process while supporting those working hard to mine natural diamonds ethically.

Fairtrade diamonds are used by this company to further support mines that meet stringent labour, trade, and environmental standards. Their selection of modern and classic designs makes creating your perfect ring easier with either a Fairtrade diamond or lab grown one depending on your personal taste.

employs a process known as CVD, which recreates the conditions under which certain gemstone varieties form in nature by mixing high and low temperatures to form crystals on their starting ‘seed’. Their lab created diamonds are chemically identical to natural diamonds found in nature and cannot be distinguished visually.

Vintage or Second-Hand Diamonds

When shopping for jewellery, second-hand is usually the safer choice, since such pieces have often been recycled or repurposed and require no new mining to produce them.

Second-hand rings can also be an eco-conscious solution, making a statement about social responsibility without harming the planet or supporting any conflict, war, or terrorist activities. Many second-hand rings also qualify for fair trade status to protect both the industry as a whole as well as workers in developing nations.

Brilliant Earth offers several elegant examples of this, such as their Hidden Halo ring with its gorgeous oval diamond and band made of recycled gold – ideal for minimalist and nature-loving fiancées. Additionally, their Wildflower collection includes Camellia rings featuring pear-shaped lab grown diamonds set on recycled gold bands; all their diamonds and precious metals are Beyond Conflict Free from ethical companies that uphold human rights and provide fair wages to miners.

Recycled Gold

Gold is an infinitely recyclable precious metal. Recycling helps reduce demand for new mining while being environmentally-friendly – no toxic chemicals need be used during extraction!

Jewellery specializes in designing refined and eco-friendly pieces of all kinds of jewellery. Their precious metals come from mines that adhere to strict ethical standards and employ fair trade practices; additionally they work towards mitigating labour issues related to mining of these materials.


One of our favourite pieces from this brand is the Camellia Ring, featuring an eye-catching pear-shaped lab diamond set in yellow recycled gold – it makes the ideal ring for nature-lovers!

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