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What Is KCS Bonus? Guide From KuCoin 

An ever-increasing number of people are interested in digital money, including financial foundations and regular financial backers. You need a crypto trade account to trade digital currencies like Shib, USTC USDT, and Dogecoin to participate in the activity. The KCS Bonus Plan is a fantastic incentive for trading tokens that enables qualified KCS holders to generate an automatic income consistently. This article explains what KCS is, how the KCS reward plan works, and how to join the arrangement to get automatic, recurring income immediately.


KuCoin’s local token, KCS, was launched in 2017 as a utility symbol that enables brokers to share the trade’s development advantage. It was given as an ERC-20 representative running on the Ethereum association and was maintained by most Ethereum wallets. A few KCS have joined the KCC chain since KCC’s demise in 2021.KCS will enable all dApps on the chain because it is the KCC’s hidden fuel. The total number of KCS was estimated to be 200 million, and there will be planned buybacks and consumptions until only 100 million KCS left. KCS will be the local resource for KuCoin’s decentralized financial services and the KuCoin people group’s administration badge from now on as soon as the KuCoin decentralized exchange arrangement goes live.

KCS bonus plan 

The KCS Bonus system is a novel way to motivate KCS holders and KuCoin environment manufacturers. It is also one of the greatest ways to generate revenue automatically. Customers who hold at least 6 KCS on the KuCoin price stage are eligible to receive a daily reward equal to half of KuCoin’s daily expense income. The number of remunerations that clients might at any point get depends upon the amount of KCS held and the trade volume of the KuCoin Trade. The KCS extra’s assessed APR ranges from 3% to 30% based on verifiable data from 2021.

More on the KCS bonus

The KCS reward distributes half of KuCoin’s daily exchange fees to customers. On KuCoin, hold something like 6 KCS. To be eligible for the Bonus, you will need to provide your telephone number or Google Verification. On the KuCoin application, go to Home – KCS Reward to promise it. Additionally, go to Assets Overview – My Bonus – KCS Bonus on the KuCoin website to obtain it. The reward will naturally be added to your advantage if you hold KCS on the KuCoin exchange bot. After you close the trading bot, the prize will be moved into your record and different benefits. Each day, the KCS Bonus will be distributed. It won’t end, at least not right now. 

You can guarantee the reward for several days simultaneously. KCS can be kept in Margin, Trading, and Main Accounts. If it’s not too much trouble, keep in mind that these tokens will not receive the daily Bonus if you stake KCS in KuCoin Earn. Within thirty minutes, it will be sent. Your KuCoin Main Account will be credited with the KCS Bonus.

What comes from this Bonus?

50% of the platform’s daily trading fees fund the KCS bonus. However, users will receive rewards in proportion to the exchange’s trading volume and the number of KCS they hold.

How to become a member of the KCS Bonus Plan?

In addition to linking their accounts through Google Verification or a phone number, users must hold at least 6 KCS on Kucoin to qualify for the Bonus. To be eligible, you can also hold the KCS token in your main wallet, trading account, or margin account. Please remember that if you wager you’re KCS on Kucoin Earn only, you will not receive the daily Bonus.

Why put your money into KuCoin Shares (KCS)?

Here are a few reasons why KuCoin Shares (KCS) might be a good choice for your investment. These points will surely help you in making correct decision.

  • Get day-to-day KuCoin profits by basically holding the KCS coin.
  • As a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange, additional volume growth is possible as it gains popularity.
  • On its exchange, KuCoin frequently lists exclusive new cryptocurrencies first.
  • New IEOs will join the platforms due to the Kucoin Spotlight program. Resulting in an increase in user numbers and demand for KCS coins.

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