What Causes False Positive HPV Tests?

If you are concerned about your HPV status, you may have heard that a false positive HPV test can occur. While many women do have a positive HPV test at some point, only a small number will continue to test positive. In fact, some women who test positively repeatedly may require treatment for precancerous conditions. Even though it’s very common, not all of these tests can be trusted. In fact, one in four college women will have some type of HPV infection during their time at college.

The reason for a false positive HPV test is that the test results are based on a sample that didn’t show any HPV. This could mean that the patient did not have HPV, and that they were therefore not at risk for the disease. Consequently, it is important to discuss your concerns with your doctor right away. Remember, false positive results are rare, but they should never be dismissed.

In Last

A false negative HPV test means that the HPV infection was not present, or that the cells were not abnormal webtoonxyz. This could lead to unnecessary follow-up testing and procedures. This is not an ideal situation for you or your doctor. If you have symptoms, see your doctor or nurse immediately. This is a crucial step to take to prevent cervical cancer. When a false positive result occurs, you should be sure to seek medical attention immediately. If you have been diagnosed with HPV, you should speak with your doctor as soon as possible net worth information.

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