What Can CAT6 Cables Be Used For?

If you’ve ever shopped for a computer cable, you’ve probably seen the term “Cat6.” But, what really is it, and what can you use Cat6 cables for? Well, this article will break down what they are – a sneak peek into why they are so popular – and their top uses.

What Are Cat6 Cables?

At its core, a Cat6 cable is an Ethernet cable that supports speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps). That might not mean much to most people. But it means that it is one of the fastest types of cables available on the market.

It is also backward compatible with older generations of Ethernet cables like Cat5e and Cat5. So if you have an older network with one of those, a Cat6 cable won’t require extra work or hardware to get it up and running.

The Top 7 Uses for Cat6 Cables

1) Gaming: Connecting your gaming system to your router or modem with a Cat6 cable will give you faster speeds. Hence, less latency when playing online games. This way, you won’t have as much lag, which means a thrilling gaming performance overall.

2) Streaming Media: If you need reliable streaming speeds for watching videos online or streaming music, having a good Ethernet connection with a Cat6 cable can keep your streams buffer-free.

3) Network Security Cameras: If your business or home needs network security cameras, the cat6 cable will do. It will provide a more reliable connection than just wifi alone. That way, there will be no downtime when monitoring your security footage.

4) Voice over IP (VoIP): VoIP is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the ease at which people make calls over the internet without needing expensive phone lines or long-distance calling plans. With VoIP calls relying heavily on data transmission rates, having a fast connection with cat6 cabling helps these calls remain clear and uninterrupted.

5) Home Theater Setup: If you have multiple devices connected to your home theater setup such as game consoles, DVD players, A/V receivers, etc., having them connected via ethernet cables will ensure that all your devices communicate quickly and reliably.  It will ensure seamless connectivity minus freezing and buffering in your devices.

6) Smart Home Devices: Smart home devices rely heavily on internet connectivity. They must stay connected to other smart home devices and content from various online sources within your home network. Having these devices connected via ethernet cables ensures they have reliable connections. This way, you won’t experience annoying random disconnections.

7) Printer Connection: If you want to set up an office network with shared printers, you’ll probably need to use Cat6 cables. These cables can help connect each printer and computer in the network. This connection will ensure that printing jobs are completed quickly and efficiently without disruptions or delays.

Get Yourself Some Quality Cat6 Cables Today

Cat 6 cables have many uses beyond just connecting two devices. You can also use them for networking, home entertainment systems, security systems, printer networks, and even VoIP systems. With so many possibilities at your fingertips, why not invest in some quality Cat 6 cables today?

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