What antibiotics are given before an abortion?

A doctor will administer a medicine to a woman before an abortion. The medicine will numb the cervix and make it easier for the doctor to remove the baby. The doctor will then use a tool to push open the cervix and insert a tube through the cervix attached to a suction pump. The contents of the uterus are then removed through the tube. The procedure takes anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

In general, the abortion procedure involves one or two visits. The patient will receive health education, an exam, medications, and confirmation of the abortion. The pregnancy is terminated within twenty-four hours. However, later abortions may require more than one visit. The abortion process may require several visits. In some cases, a follow-up visit will be necessary to determine whether the pills worked. In the event that an abortion is unsuccessful, the woman will have to undergo a follow-up visit.

Final Opinion

The procedure is performed during the second trimester. The procedure lasts about a day and does not require an overnight stay in the hospital. The procedure is known as dilation and evacuation, and is usually performed in one visit. The doctor will give the woman medications to induce labor, and then place the tube into the uterus to induce the delivery. The woman will experience cramping at home after the procedure, but she will be able to resume normal activities afterward.

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