What about the gamblling scenarios in Netherland ?

For years, the Dutch government has been working on the long-awaited Remote Gambling Act. It’s all set up to make it legal for online casinos to offer their services in the country. In 2012, a group called the Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) was set up to change the gambling laws that had been in place since 1964. This was the first step toward this change.

The Dutch Remote Gambling Act has fundamental rules.

The Netherlands has always been stricter about gambling than other countries. Even though the Remote Gambling Act will let private operators enter the market for the first time and let new types of games be played, the details of the law show that the Dutch are taking a different approach by putting a higher priority on players’ safety. Casinos (both online and in-person) and other similar businesses need to use a central register (CRUKS) so that all players can automatically sign up using their social security number. The players will also be able to block themselves from any licensed website. After a player is banned, they can no longer use the site, and the operator won’t try to market to them. Lotteries do not have to follow the CRUKS. You can check out and play Bizzo Casino Nethrland.

Controledatabank (CBD), the KSA’s control database, must be used by everyone. The database keeps track of everything in online casinos and gives the KSA direct access to keep an eye on them.

How will this law affect and change gambling in the Netherlands?

After the law goes into effect, the providers can apply for their Dutch Remote Gambling License. So, by this year, the players should be able to enjoy the newest casino games. It will let two big things happen in the Netherlands gambling market: A few legal online gambling sites are working hard to get ready to enter the Dutch market and take advantage of the new opportunities.

In June 2019, it was reported that 80 companies were interested in getting a license to offer online gambling in the Netherlands. Some well-known names were among these providers. We think you should learn more about real money casinos, which people in the area call “casino echt geld online.”

Many of the smaller gambling companies in the Netherlands have also said they want to offer their services online.

The size of the Dutch gambling market

In 2018, the last year for which we have complete statistics, the gambling market added about €1.4 billion to the country’s GDP. This was a 9 percent increase from 2015 when the market was worth about €1.1 billion. According to estimates, illegal online gambling brought about 9 percent of all income in 2015. Soon enough, these options will be available through the law.

After the new rules go into effect, the market projects that the would-be legal operators can make at least €185 million. But it’s essential to keep in mind that the amount depends on how much money comes in from taxes. I hope everyone who enters the legal gambling scene is willing to pay the gambling tax. The size of the market won’t be known for a while yet.

Even though Dutch players had to use illegal methods or settle for what the government gave them, the market has grown from less than 500,000 players in 2015 to more than 1.2 million players in 2020. Also, during this time, the gross gaming revenue went from €296 million to €3.1 billion, which is a big jump.

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