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Travertine Slabs in Your Bathroom

Travertine is one of the most exquisite stones for home decoration. Utilizing travertine in your home can make the atmosphere more special. And it will increase the price of your property. Travertine doesn’t have only isolating and aesthetic properties. This gorgeous stone can make the atmosphere in your home more magical and have a soothing effect on the mind as you watch the natural veins on the surface of the stone swirl and curve while your mind wanders into time and space far away from stressful days. 

Many people use travertine in their indoor areas, living rooms, hallways, bedrooms, and kitchens. We can safely say that today, travertine is the perfect choice for bathrooms as well. If you are looking for high-quality travertine tiles for your bathroom, check Bianco Maremma. If you want to get inspired by more ideas for travertine tiles in your bathroom, keep reading this article.

The Bathroom Is No Longer Just a Purely Functional Room

The modern bathroom is a cozy, private space where we purify ourselves, relax and release the accumulated tension. That is why every step into the bathroom should fill us with peace and harmony, with the satisfaction of a job well done, and reward all our senses.

It is natural to seek and build a relationship with nature in this space where we are most ourselves. And this is best achieved by using natural materials in the layout. Marble, travertine, limestone, granite, onyx, and etc. – there is an entire list of stunningly beautiful stone slabs with which you can decorate your bathroom and it is mind-blowing. However, travertine is by far, the favorite.

In addition to flooring and cladding, high-quality travertine can also be present in countertops, sinks, shower trays, steps, and shelves. The choice of natural stone, especially travertine, for the bathroom depends on the individual style and the effect you’d like to achieve. The play of colors and textures can open up the space or emphasize it. If you’re looking for a classic or rustic look, shop the travertine tile range, as travertine (and limestone in general) is a good choice. For connoisseurs of luxury and refined elegance, we recommend marble. For more dynamics, choose mosaics, slate stone, or granite. If you need a single accent, let it be an onyx or marble sink in combination with travertine wall cladding or floor.

Unique Atmosphere

Natural stone tiles create a unique feeling of closeness to nature and emphasize the style of the interior of the bathroom, in your house, apartment, or office. Stone tiles are used both as bathroom floor tiles and wall tiles in the interior of a home, office, villa, etc. Stone tiles, also used in outdoor spaces, such as garden floors, barbecues, pool tiles, and outdoor walkway tiles, can become the perfect wall tiles for bathrooms in houses, hotels, offices, etc. Bianco Maremma by Saturnia Travertini are the perfect tile choice for any bathroom interior. 

With its distinctive natural veining, travertine has a beautiful pattern, making it the preferable choice in interior design (especially bathroom decor) nowadays. It illustrates the story of the planet’s earthy nature, which is as much as four billion years old. It shows the formation of mountains and rivers. Each tile becomes a picture – a masterpiece by nature itself. That’s why having a bathroom wall cladding made of travertine, like the Bianco Maremma tiles by Saturnia Travertini in your bathroom will give you that soothing feeling that no other tile can do.

Ancient and Modern 

We can find traces of ancient mollusks in travertine with the shell or footprints of creatures that lived millennia ago. Shower trays, bathtubs, and sinks made of natural stone are trendy today, as they were in ancient Rome. Travertine is characterized by the astonishing beauty of its layered structure, porosity, and veins. This feature is often present in interior bathroom elements (additionally, decorated with another limestone like marble).

Travertine tiles in contemporary interior design can easily combine with discreet lighting to showcase the stone’s unique beauty. Travertine tiles are the best choice for flooring in bathing areas or pools. With travertine, natural beauty intertwines with practicality. Wall and floor tiles may vary. The elements of the interior should be combined in color, proportions, and shape to create an ideal balance in the interior design solution.

Why is the travertine effect recreated on other tiles and has become a persistent trend in the ceramic tile market? 

The answer lies not only in the beauty of travertine but also in the significant reduction in price that has made the “travertine effect” accessible to many more owners. The imitation of travertine tiles has become a popular solution. However, it doesn’t go even near to the actual travertine tile effect. In the past, travertine for interior or exterior decor solutions had been considered an expensive pleasure only for the rich and was associated with luxurious spaces. Thanks to new technologies, more and more high-quality tiles made of travertine appear in more and more homes. Today, travertine is much more affordable, considering it is a timeless decorative solution for any space. At Saturnia Travertini, there are plenty of options and finishes of these exquisite natural stone tiles suitable for any area in your home.

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