Top shipping software platforms for small businesses in 2022

E-commerce shipping is a very important part of any online business. This refers to all those services that are important to safely transport the products which were purchased by the customers online to the delivery destination.

Thus, shipping is indeed a very important part of the online business that plays a great role in impressing your customers. Thus, all the companies need some efficient shipping platform to meet their requirements regarding shipping.

E-commerce shipping has the potential to make or break your business; hence it’s better to have the best shipping solution for e-commerce to have many satisfied customers. Given below are top shipping software that can help you a lot if you are running a small business.

Top shipping software platforms for small businesses in 2022

The easy-to-use and popular shipping software can help you a lot in transporting your products to the desired destination. Some of them also offer amazing discounts on postage and labeling.

The software can streamline the shipping operation of your business. Some popular shipping platforms offer services like integrating e-commerce platforms, batch printing labels, etc. Some of those shipping platforms are:

1. iThink Logistics

It is no doubt the best shipping platform. Through this, you can easily choose several courier partners through just a single shipping platform. This shipping platform delivers more than twenty-five thousand shipments per day and has more than five thousand happy customers.


  • Offers the best e-commerce solution
  • You can easily have increased deliveries at the lowest prices
  • Offers recommendations to reduce RTO
  • It is equipped with an AI-driven NDR tool
  • Offers same-day pick up
  • Offers real-time tracking and easy communication
  • Equipped with early issue detection
  • Offers live NDR update


  • Reverse order NDR
  • Reduces the loss of revenue

2. OrderCup

It is best for those merchants who usually handle shipments between 500 & 1200 shipments per month. It is one of the very popular shipping solutions. This not only has a multi-carrier shipping cost, an interface that is very easy to use, and also shipping rates with discounts.

OrderCup offers its users responsive and reliable customer what is a 3pl support thus, and the customers can have answers to all their queries.


  • Its dashboard is well-organized and very easy to learn
  • You can automate your shipping process
  • Have support for the leading hardware like scales, printers, and scanners
  • Print return labels


  • Easy learning curve
  • Offers free trial
  • Shipping rates with discounts
  • Multi-channel sync


  • Limited features
  • Support is dependent on the plan level

3. Ordoro

It is a very popular software for shipping and inventory management that is designed and developed to help small to medium businesses. This shipping platform is famous for its features regarding door shipping and is very popular among the customers of Shopify.


  • Comes with a very minimum user interface
  • You can print the packing slips or shipping labels in bulk or one by one
  • You can link the shopping cart into your Ordoro account with ease
  • It offers the best shipping rates
  • Offers multi-channel selling
  • Process orders from various sales channels


  • Free plan available
  • Excellent features for door shippers
  • On paid plan, there are no shipping limits


Paid plans have only two choices. Therefore, each shipping platform mentioned above can help you a lot in running your small business successfully.

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