The Top Ways To Keep Your Car Safe Outside Your Home.

It is likely that your car is your second biggest investment in this life after your home and so it is important that you take care of something as valuable as this. There are many homes all across the UK that may not have the luxury of a garage on the property and so they need to park their cars on the driveway or even on the local public street. This does not give vehicle owners the peace of mind that they need and so they take additional measures to make sure that their car is safe outside their homes. There are many opportunist car thieves out there who would like the chance to be able to take your car from you if given half a chance.

This is why you really do need to look into ways to keep your car more secure and so many people choose to use Car Key Solution’s ghost car immobiliser as their first line of defence. This is an excellent security system that completely immobilised the car and to the point where it is impossible to get started and to take away. Even professional car thieves do not want to be dealing with something like this when there might be easier pickings further down the road. The following are just some of the other ways to help keep your car safe while parked outside your property.

  • Wheels to the kerb – This is advice that has been with you ever since you obtained your new driver’s license and yet many people fail to remember this simple piece of advice that does work. By turning the wheels into the pavement, you are making it a lot more difficult for a car thief to get away with the used car that you bought. Even if they get into your vehicle and manage to get the engine started, this will stall them for just a moment as they make the necessary moves to be able to drive your car away. These few seconds could be the difference between the police arriving on time and you getting a good description of what they look like.
  • Hide expensive things – You should never leave anything expensive sitting on the back seat overnight or at any time for that matter. It pays to invest in a stereo system that can be removed from the dash and put into the boot until the following morning. If you’re going to leave anything technological open for anyone to see then you should install cameras within the inside of your vehicle that will record any unusual activity.

These are just two ways that you can make your car less attractive to car thieves and there are numerous more. Clearly your first line of defence should be a car immobiliser that just stops the car thieves in their tracks.

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