The Rules To Follow When Wanting To Sell Your Vehicle.

The time has come for you to finally sell your car and you have been holding on to it for months because we get very close to our cars and many of us even give them a name. It is the thing that takes us to work in the morning without fail and it gets the kids safely to school and back for most of the week. It is understandable then that we get close to our vehicles and so we want them to go to a good home. This is what makes selling your car difficult as well as the other things that you have to deal with.

Selling a car is like selling a property and people won’t buy it if it looks tired and dirty and so it will take effort on your part to make it more sellable. The good news for you today is that if you want to sell your car then Cars4Us will buy your car in Sunshine Coast. You still want to get the best price from them also, so here are some rules to follow when getting your car ready to sell.

  • Know its value – You just can’t pull a figure out of the sky and base your selling price on your emotions and the money that you have spent on the car up until now. There is a book price for the car listed and it changes with the conditions of the car and the miles on the clock. Be realistic and you will usually get a fair price and buyers will have a checklist of things to look out for when purchasing.
  • Prioritise what you want – You need to figure out what is important to you and if it is a speedy sale then getting a service provider like the one above to purchase it, might be the right solution for you. If you want to get the most money possible then you need to work out how long you are prepared to wait for.
  • Prepare your vehicle – No matter what route that you take when selling your used car, you need to make sure that it is looking good so that you can get the best price possible. Get it a valet and this will help to increase the price offered.

If you have them, be sure to show receipts for the money that you have spent getting the car serviced as buyers want to be sure that you have taken care of it.

For more information on how to raise the value of your car for when you sell it, check out the infographic below!

Infographic provided by Chrysler Factory Warranty, a Mopar extended warranty provider

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