The Leading 10 Medical Device Companies of 2024

The Healthcare Technology Report could not be any happier to introduce The Top 25 Medical Device Companies for 2024. In the last few decades, medical device technology has shown unparalleled progress from remote health monitoring to applying AI, which has revolutionized the healthcare industry. Per Globaldata’s estimations, by the year 2030 innovation will be the main index of the success for the biggest medical device companies. The companies spanning from big established corporations to promising young startups that make this list have geared their operations toward innovation with this focus mainly on the development of solutions beneficial to the health and fitness industry, which are at home and can be used in patients’ rooms and consulting rooms.

One of this year’s honorees is GE Healthcare, which provides to the market the broadest portfolio of innovative therapies that ensure hospital efficiency and patient care across the globe since 1912. The company Insulet, which is focused on eliminating the hassles of diabetes and was started by a father to free his kid from the daily pills, is also something we are very esteemed to honour. Finally, Aspen has made an orthotic history, playing the leading role in the medical bracing industry and serving more than 70% of the Level I/II Trauma Centers across the United States currently.

These awardees have cut out of a very fierce pool of innovators, standing out as true trailblazers. The technology-dependent healthcare engineers ensure life improvement, longevity, and also quality of life by directly enhancing patient care. Let’s jam together and celebrate the success of the Top 25 Medical Device Companies for 2024.

GE Healthcare:

Located in Chicago, Illinois, the GE Healthcare Company plays a unique role as a global leader in medical technology and also pharmaceutical diagnostics seeking to spur innovation and to realize it possibilities in the healthcare sphere. This 100-years history company with market cap of $18.3 billion and employing 50,000 people over the globe pursues the mission of healthcare transformation through the boundaries elimination. The focus of GE Healthcare’s mission is aimed at providing hospitals with efficiency, giving clinicians the ability to make informed decisions, and also delivering effective therapies that improve the wellness of the patients.

Its diverse product portfolio ranges from ultrasound equipment to ventilators and patient monitoring solutions, serving over 1 billion patients annually. Notable strategic initiatives include the acquisition of MIM Software to bolster medical imaging analysis and artificial intelligence solutions, along with collaborations with Nantworks AirStrip and FDA clearances for on-device triage capabilities in the Critical Care Suite. These efforts align with GE Healthcare’s vision of providing personalized, connected, and compassionate care across the healthcare continuum.

Jabil Healthcare:

Jabil is a highly esteemed global provider of contract manufacturing services that have been in business for over half a century and has managed to build its reputation of taking the customers very seriously, hence, producing quality products in over 500 facilities across the world. Jabil is the worldwide health care industry leader that creates the workforce of 200 000 employees in 200 countries out of which 100 locations are the part. While manufacturing remains its core competency, the company also excels in global supply chain and logistics, automation, product design, and engineering solutions, enabling holistic offerings for its clients. Notable recent developments include the expansion of its digital commerce capabilities in Chihuahua, Mexico, and collaboration with fintech leader Revolut to enhance the development and production of an innovative mobile payment mPOS solution. Through these strategic endeavors, Jabil underscores its adaptability and collaborative approach, solidifying its position as a key player in global manufacturing and technological advancement.

Integra LifeSciences:

Integra LifeSciences which is based in Princeton, New Jersey, is a very successful leader in ensuring the development of cutting edge technologies to overcome the medical challenges and rejuvenate the lives of patients experiencing severe neurological conditions, surgery or regenerative care. Originating in 1989 with the acquisition of an engineered collagen technology platform, Integra has developed numerous product lines catering to various medical applications, including burn and deep tissue wounds, nerve repair, tendon repair, and brain tissue regeneration. Being the top employer for more than 3,700 workers with distribution presence from Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle-East, and the Americas, Integra’s products are found in most hospital ICUs and operating rooms across the world, making a global impact and evidence its commitment to improve patients’ care.


Penumbra, a global healthcare enterprise based in Alameda, California with the headquarters, is driving many ways to come up with novel approaches. It has a work force of 2500 people and the company’s mission is to create a new medical world for the complex medical conditions worldwide. The hash of market’s comprehensive assortment covers a number of very important unmet demands and has the recognizable logo of the system.

California-based Penumbra operates in the United States, Europe, Canada, and also Australia, directly interfacing with hospitals and healthcare providers. Also the company has got a distributor’s network which gives it a much wider reach in the selected international markets. Penumbra is an organization that promotes a culture of teamwork by considering every member of the team’s contribution very significant in realizing its ultimate goal of managing the medical conditions.

A recent milestone in Penumbra’s future is the incorporation of the Lightning Bolts 7 Technology, which is intended to provide fast removal of the blood clots through modulated aspiration. This technology reflects Artel’s unbreakable focus on the improving health care.


Through its commitment to developing medicine across the globe, the Globus Medical is fully dedicated to bringing advanced technology and ultimate products and solutions to surgeons and healthcare providers for the people’s benefits. The primary purpose of the company is to bring about such result through its complete set of musculoskeletal solutions and extending its enabled technologies throughout the healthcare process flow. The number of Globus Medical employees is high, and they work hard to keep pushing the boundaries of patient care. They push until they find it, and then they dare to go even further!

In February 2023, Globus Medical’s acquisition of NuVasive became the breakthrough into the healthcare industry valuing spine as the most innovative target. A partnership between the leading companies is founded on local power. The partners have a common goal of enhancing patient resilience worldwide, applying innovation in product creation and in service delivery. First and foremost, NuVasive with its lateral spine procedure, XLIF, has obtained a 20-year clinical validation which represents the illusion that the procedure can be continued on the same basis or even is not worth innovating in any way. This success catalyzes ongoing advancements driven by surgeon collaboration, extensive research, and education initiatives.

Globus Medical remains at the forefront of the robotics industry, exemplified by its evolving Excelsius™ ecosystem. The introduction of Excelsius3D™ in 2022 marked a significant milestone, offering an intelligent intraoperative 3-in-1 imaging platform. Coupled with the ExcelsiusGPS® robotic navigation platform, surgeons benefit from enhanced efficiency and precision in minimally invasive procedures, ultimately delivering state-of-the-art technology to patients. To date, over 20,000 procedures have leveraged the capabilities of ExcelsiusGPS, highlighting its impact on advancing surgical techniques and patient outcomes.

MidMark Corporation

Midmark has been around since 1915 and it believes in changing the face of medical care and anatomy in countries. It takes place in dentist office, veterinary care and animal husbandry.  They stand out by combining both smart technology and efficient workflow in order to enhance clinical outcomes. The core mission gives the acute attention to the creation of facilities which will provide a high quality of patient care, and will be cost and operationally efficient.

Nestled in Versailles, Ohio, its headquarters boasts essential facilities like the Midmark Experience Center, Design Center, and Technology Center. With a presence across 11 U.S. locations, four innovation hubs, and subsidiaries in India and Italy, Midmark emerges as a key player in the realm of healthcare solutions.

For more than half a century, Midmark has been empowering physicians and care teams to provide exemplary patient care through thoughtfully designed spaces, advanced equipment, and seamlessly integrated technologies. By aligning space, technology, and workflow, the company consistently strives to enhance clinical outcomes and eliminate obstacles to well-coordinated patient care. Noteworthy among its recent innovations is the introduction of the Digital Vital Signs Device Exergen Upgrade Kit, enabling users to augment existing units with Exergen TemporalScanner thermometry. This solution exemplifies Midmark’s unwavering dedication to embracing cutting-edge healthcare technologies and driving progress in the field.


Zynex- Englewood, Colorado- a Major Player in the medical device industry, especially known as a global leader in pain management. Initially incorporated in 1996 as a public limited company by Tom Sandgaard, the conglomerate has blossomed into more than 1,100 dedicated staff that form its workforce. One of the core missions of Zynex is to significantly advance the quality of life of patients who suffer from severe pain or other illnesses. This is achieved through a wide range of medical devices that satisfy, among other needs, the requirements of healthcare workers.

Zynex has three specialized subsidiaries working with technologically oriented products spanning the entire range of healthcare products on offer. Zynex Medical is ahead of the others in supplying to customers with FDA-cleared electrotherapy products that people can use at home. The company offers this product to patients who are immobile due to stroke, spinal cord injury, or chronic pain. While the latter focuses on the development of cardiac monitoring solutions for hospital use, Zynex Monitoring Solutions remarkably provides cardiac monitoring products for hospital use, thus, ensuring the patients’ heart health is carefully monitored and timely interventions are made when it is necessary. Unlike Zynex NeuroDiagnostics medical interventions, the other group concentrates on the diagnostics devices promoting EMG and EEG purposes within neurology clinics, making the correct diagnosing and also treatment of neurological conditions possible.

Zynex has entered into many strategical expansion partnerships through key acquisitions such as NeuroDyne Medical and Kestrel Labs which have greatly strengthened its global reach and is now a global leader in manufacturing and distributing devices related to the crucial to pain management, rehabilitation, neurological diagnosis and also cardiac monitoring around the world.


BioTechnes Corporation, a global company which has 2000 employees and more, is engaged in supporting the life science researcher with custom manufacturing, testing and also with premium reagents and types of equipment. Certainly, Bio-Techne can be grouped with a few other companies as one of the most outstanding businesses which concentrate on cytokines, growth factors, antibodies, immunoassays, small molecule compounds, tissue culture reagents, and T-Cell activation technologies, and, therefore, owning the leading position in the field of the development and manufacture of purified proteins, and a sought

The Protein Sciences Segment which is one of the segmentations for this company is the ProteinSimple with which the Bio-Techne brand is being focused on protein analysis and the same is made available to the researchers in this segment.

Moreover, the company extends its reach into diagnostic products, encompassing FDA-regulated controls, calibrators, and clinical chemistry controls. Within its Diagnostics and Genomics Segment, Bio-Techne pioneers advanced tissue-based in situ hybridization assays (ISH) and clinical molecular diagnostic oncology assays, including the ExoDx®Prostate (IntelliScore) test (EPI) designed for prostate cancer diagnosis.

Bio-Techne’s diverse array of products plays a pivotal role in scientific investigations, contributing significantly to drug discovery efforts and facilitating precise clinical tests. With reported net sales of approximately $714 million in fiscal 2019, Bio-Techne solidifies its position as a key player in disease exploration and diagnostic solution development.


We are BladGo – a reliable brand which manufactures and sells portable bladder scan machines in addition to other medical equipment — efficient medical tools which will be helpful in bladder scanning in the medical industry. However, our only “product” is intended for one’s use to make ultrasound bladder scanning available for doctors, clinicians, students and medical residents at a cost which they can afford provided usability of the product is ensured.

Quality will never be compromised in every aspect of BladGo’s product because we, the pioneers of the idea, hold that excellence is not just the goal; it’s an attitude that must be manifested in everything that we deliver. Hence, our priority is the production of a product that is of the highest quality as well as the performance with a commitment to client satisfaction at its best. In just a matter of time, customers can send their problems to the ever-excellent customer service team that will accompany them and give them the liberty and choice to run any project without any trouble.

Nowadays health practitioners have the privilege of having handheld bladder scanners in their clinics. They play a long-term role in the construction of clinically reliable tools that result in the making of informed decisions and so help the professionals to render better care to patients. It should be considered that this process does not refer to the static and unchanging products but rather to the dynamic and upgradable devices that will supersede the existing imaging technique and will provide chances to improve, to enhance and to fine-tune the device’s functionality to all the needs.

Embark on a transformative journey with BladGo as we spearhead efforts to simplify bladder scanning, enhance its efficiency, and broaden its accessibility across the healthcare landscape.

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