The Best Glasses for Your Face Shape

There are many people who live with the fear of nearsightedness. They always feel that it detracts from their appearance and affects how they dress but don’t worry, there is a way to fix it! God created your eyes, and what you need now is a pair of glasses that match them perfectly. If you don’t know how to choose. Here, this passage will teach you to choose glasses according to your face shape, which can change your nerd image.

How to Choose Suitable Glasses for Yourself?

Changing glasses can also improve your temperament. It is really important to choose glasses. Otherwise, there will not be so many styles of glasses. After all, everyone loves beauty, and different glasses are suitable for different people.

When it comes to choosing, you have no clue if you try and try, then think about it from the perspective of the frame, then carefully observe your face shape, and do it according to the following methods, and you will be able to take the right seat.

For Round Faces, Choose Angular Glasses

The very popular round-frame glasses are retro, and many people like to try them, but they are not suitable for people with round faces. Because people with round faces, when paired with round-rimmed glasses, are three “circles”. The visual sense is as round as they are round, and the face looks too full, but it will appear fat. On the contrary, angular glasses can make a round face smaller, which can be adjusted visually, because angular glasses can enhance the three-dimensional sense of the face, make the face more structured, and naturally improve sophistication.

In particular, rectangular glasses should be mentioned here, which are what most round faces should try and are more common glasses. It can break the radian of the face shape so that the chin of the round face does not look so sharp, and the facial features can be more refined.

For a Square Face, Choose Glasses that are Wide at the Top and Narrow at the Bottom

Contrary to a round face, a square face has many angles, and the jawline is very obvious. Many faces like square faces will look too three-dimensional. According to the principle of balance, angular glasses cannot be worn. Maybe you will say, do you have to wear round-rimmed glasses for that square face?

This is not absolute, the square face should pay attention to the widest part of the glasses, it must exceed the widest part of the face, pay attention to this, some square glasses can also be controlled. The lower frame is arc-shaped glasses, which are naturally more suitable and can play a role in easing the lines.

Wear Oval Glasses for a Heart-Shaped Face

The heart-shaped face is characterized by wider cheekbones and a pointed chin. This face shape is more suitable for simple glasses without too many messy decorations. The best glasses are the same width as the upper and lower frames.

In addition, glasses frames that are too small are not suitable, which will support the cheekbones and give people a weird feeling. If you can’t wear small-framed glasses, then naturally large-framed glasses are more suitable. These glasses can balance the lower face shape, especially thick-framed glasses, which can better modify the wider face in the upper half and can also play a role in reducing age.

 Do not Choose Oversized Glasses for an Oval Face

The oval face is a relatively perfect face shape. This face shape is also called an oval face. People with this face shape can easily wear glasses, and many glasses frames can be controlled. Of course, the oval face has high cheekbones and a rounded chin. It is still not allowed to wear glasses with too large frames. Pay attention to the harmonious proportion of the face and the frame. Too large glasses will cover the whole face but will reduce the beauty.


Therefore, wearing glasses seems to be very particular. When encountering all kinds of glasses in the future, don’t choose casually, but learn more about your face shape. In addition, choosing your own glasses also needs to consider the price, and choosing glasses discount will be more cost-effective. It is not impossible to become a fashionista by choosing glasses according to your face shape.

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