The Anatomy Of A Lawsuit: understanding the stage and processes involved

Just like every other sector, a civil lawsuit has processes and stages that guide their activities. You can’t just visit a lawsuit and then expect that you go straight to the case or even straight to the trial. Due processes have to be followed. This is part of the reasons why people might not want to file a lawsuit sometimes. No doubt, dealing with family law can be draining, except you have made up your mind to go into it with the support of WRG family lawyers.

Do you want to find out the processes and stages involved in a lawsuit? In this article, you will find out necessary information about it. You can check out how to file a lawsuit against social media via this link.

Stages And Processes Involved In A Lawsuit

Filing claims with the court

This is the first step involved in a lawsuit. Generally, there is a need for you to bring out the address of where the defendant lives. You would be given a form where you have to fill out accurately. Filling it accurately will ensure that the court process goes smoothly. You would have to submit this with your attorney in the courthouse. If you have successfully filled the form then it will be sent to the defendant to know that there is a case on ground to be resolved.

Fact finding stage

Will there be a court case without fact discovery? This is that point where the two parties have to prepare their evidence or necessary information needed for the case. They would do this by investigating the situation, scheduling interview sessions, interrogations and questionnaires. This way, relevant documentations are made as regards the case.

Pre trial sessions

This is a very vital session and sometimes can become the last in cases. This is because the court tries to settle the case here before involving a jury. This is that point where both parties are called to know if they are willing to resolve the case. There would be a form of negotiation in this stage as both parties are allowed to rub minds to see if there can be a compromise. But if there is none then they’d have to proceed to the next stage.

A civil trial

After efforts have been made to ensure that the car is resolved and then there is no positive response, it results in a civil trial. A jury would be selected out of a list of jurors. For each party, there would be an attorney who would represent and argue on the situation for the jury to give his final verdict. This can be a little difficult especially when both attorneys have necessary information to tackle each other. If different proofs keep coming up, there would be no option than to keep adjourning the case until it is settled.

Verdict and judgment

This is that point where the judge has to make a decision. He would have heard from both attorneys and also investigations would have been made to ensure that there is no form of error in the judgment.


This is the last stage of a lawsuit. An appeal can only be made when there is newer evidence to counter what was initially leveraged on. Note that you can’t just come out of the blues to make an appeal. It has to meet this requirement before you would be able to make an appeal.

Now that you have seen these things, you are no longer ignorant of the stages and process of a lawsuit. It can be a straining process and therefore it is advised most times to try possible ways to resolve it without going to the court.

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