Save Money on Costly Treatment with this Proven Lumbar Gadget

Spinal pain or back pain can drastically affect how you perform daily activities. If you need surgery, treating the problem can cost a great deal of money and time. So, either way, this type of discomfort can significantly impact your quality of life.

So, is there a way to improve your health without resorting to surgery? Can you find a less costly device that is still as effective?

The Incredible Lumbar Traction Wedge

Today, you can save money on costly back surgery or visits to a chiropractor using an intelligent little device known as a lumbar traction wedge. It will cause your back pain to go away, but the treatment is also soothing and safe.

So, at this point, you’re probably wondering how this amazing piece of equipment works. When you suffer from back pain, the intervertebral discs are compressed. This causes that sharp pain in the back that causes you to flinch.

How Back Pain Develops Over Time

Back pain frequently results from a prior injury or from disc degeneration, which also causes herniation. When this happens, a herniated or protruded disc will press on a nerve that causing pain and tingling or burning.

If you lift boxes or twist or turn too fast, you only worsen the problem. Moreover, when intervertebral discs degenerate or become compressed, they place strain on other body parts. This happens, after a while, when your body can no longer handle excessive loads. Maybe you’re lifting too much weight or doing more than your body can handle.

Therefore, disc compression involves herniated discs (prolapsed) or which have slipped out of their rightful position. When this happens, it places more pressure on the surrounding nerves.

How the Lumbar Wedge Works to Alleviate Back and Spinal Discomfort

To combat this type of problem, you can use a lumbar wedge. The device applies infrared red heat and traction to the lumbar region or lower part of the back and hip. The equipment uses vibrations to decompress the discs, reducing back and spinal discomfort and pain.

By moving and stretching the vertebrae, the device improves your posture and steps up the blood flow – both of which contribute to better back and spinal health. Therefore, when you use the device, it reduces back pain and serves to relax the muscles in the lower back. As a result, you’ll greatly feel a difference in how you move and feel.

The orthopedic device, which only costs a little over $100, can save you on paying the costs of regular doctor’s visits, massage therapies, or ongoing chiropractic care.

Ergonomically designed. The wedge fits the natural contours of the back and offers the traction that is free of friction and comforting. You can also adjust the heat setting on the unit to meet your preferences.

Review the Features of the Lumbar Wedge Now

Before you resort to a more costly or drastic measure for back pain relief, take a look at the features of the easy-to-use lumbar wedge. To avoid the cost of ongoing clinical treatments or similar types of care, find out more about how this small but effective gadget may work for you.

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