Reasons to sleep well after consulting a telemedicine doctor by video call

You are doing quite well in life, happily settled down with a wife and a couple of lovely kids. Money is coming in each week which allows for a few extra luxuries from time to time. However, your other half is concerned about the health of her widowed mother who seems to be struggling.

It is not always easy to get to see a doctor where she is located, and her ailments sometimes lead to frantic phone calls to your house. It’s far from ideal for any of you, but you have come across a solution in the form of Instant Consult.

  • You and your loving lady can say lots of nice things to reassure at the other end of the phone, but you are no medical experts. You are more of a counselling service who try and keep your in law in a relaxed state of mind. You are extremely cautious about suggesting taking any medicines in case you call it wrong.
  • However, having a fully qualified telemedicine doctor on hand is most certainly an expert who can sort out issues to the best of their ability. They are available from 6am until midnight every day of the year, which is a more comprehensive service than a doctor’s surgery can offer. It might be that your relation only requires a step by step guide to revenge bedtime procrastination.
  • It doesn’t matter where the patient in need is located as the doctor is online, so all that is needed is the ability to be online or have Wi-Fi connection and the capability to make a video call and they will be hooked up.
  • Such requests as online scripts and medical certificates can be dealt with along with reassuring and professional advice.
  • You can help the family by setting up the account or paying for the service which will be charged each time a call begins. It offers excellent value as well as peace of mind, as the tariff works out less than a visit in person to the doctor.
  • Telemedicine prescriptions will be dispatched to a home address or nominated pharmacy with documents sent to an account inbox. The charges will depend upon the length of the consultancy. After diagnosis, perhaps it’s time for a family picnic in Brisbane?

Instant Consult delivers peace of mind through a video call service which negates the wait to see a doctor while offering excellent value for money.

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