Master of Science in Health Law and Strategy

The Master of Science in Health Law and Strategy program prepares graduates to address the complex issues facing a highly regulated health ecosystem. The curriculum provides students with the skills necessary to assess risks and identify opportunities within a rapidly evolving environment. This one-year joint degree program equips emerging leaders with the knowledge to succeed in the increasingly complex health ecosystem. The curriculum will help students navigate through the rapidly changing healthcare environment. To learn more about the Master of Science in Healthcare Law and Strategy program, contact the school of your choice.

Public Health Law combines laws on health care and public health. The state has a primary responsibility to protect public health. Most health regulations are administered at the state level. Many states create boards of medical specialty or delegate authority to those agencies. The role of the state’s board of medicine and other health agencies varies by jurisdiction. The purpose of public health law is to promote public and societal wellbeing. It also includes the regulation of medical practice and the regulation of a physician’s relationship to his or her patients.

Ending Line

A doctorate degree in health law provides the knowledge needed to apply the knowledge to a variety of health care settings. A health care attorney will use the law to provide legal services. In addition to practicing in the health care industry, a lawyer can practice in the public sector, provide legal advice, and represent patients in court. In many cases, a lawyer can be hired for an hourly rate. A flat fee is a good option for people who don’t want to spend a large amount on legal services.

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