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Jigsaw Puzzle Solving Tips and Tricks

If you’re a devoted, seasoned puzzler, you probably have a strategy you stick to whenever you assemble jigsaw puzzles. If you’re just starting, you might wonder how many experienced puzzle solvers efficiently complete jigsaw puzzles.

Jigsaw puzzle art games don’t have any fixed rules. To speed up your game, there are numerous suggestions, tips, and methods that you can bear in mind. Here are the best tips and tricks for solving a jigsaw puzzle.

1. Choose a puzzle

Seems simple enough, right? But occasionally, even if our ability level could only be about 500 pieces, we find ourselves pulled to the 3000-piece jigsaw puzzles. And it’s all right! Our minds enjoy challenges, but only those that are manageable! Before tackling puzzles at the expert level, raise your skill level first. It will be more pleasant along the way, and you won’t give up on your puzzle in the middle of it.

2. Plan and Prepare

Some puzzles appear easy to solve: take the puzzle pieces out of the box, open them up, and start solving it, right? Wait a minute. How long it takes to complete jigsaw puzzles depends on the time you spend planning and preparing.

Spending time arranging your strategy before you even begin can help you build faster and more psychologically satisfyingly. This means that when you work rapidly to finish adult jigsaw puzzles, you’ll have less anxiety and irritation.

3. Choose a workspace

Workspaces with other uses are only great if you have a piece of cardboard, a puzzle mat, or other portable surfaces that will make it easy to relocate if you need to create room. If you have a permanent puzzle-solving area but dislike clutter and don’t have a roll-up puzzle mat or bins for your jigsaw pieces, use plastic baggies instead. Keep everything in order, and do not lose any pieces along the way.

While you work, ensure your workspace is big enough to hold the entire jigsaw puzzle and the extra pieces you’ll collect and use to create and arrange. You can use sorting trays if there isn’t enough room for the loose bits.

4. Do things differently if you get stuck.

Sometimes all it takes to place a piece is to round the table and look at the puzzle fresh. Taking breaks allows your thoughts to relax as well. A further sorting option is to use form. Most classic puzzle pieces contain “knobs” and “holes,” as the name suggests. Sort the items into piles with two holes, three knobs, etc., in each of your sorting trays. This provides you with more data to aid in your search. For instance, you might know you’re looking for a white piece with at least two neighboring knobs rather than just an all-white piece to fit into a cloud.

5. Have fun

You take on a jigsaw puzzle art game because they’re enjoyable to create, and completing them makes you feel accomplished. Just leave the puzzle if you become frustrated because you can’t find a piece when working on it. You’ll probably return rested and in a better mood, making the puzzle-solving simpler and more pleasant.

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